SAHZU’s WANG Sihua Awarded the “Best Doctor” of Year 2021


Chair of SAHZU Labor Union Ms. WANG Sihua is awarded the honor of "Best Doctor" of Year 2021 by the National Health Commission and the Publicity Department of China, on the occasion of the fourth Chinese Doctor Day on August 19, for her 5 years' outstanding work in transforming the People's Hospital of Taijiang County, a poorly-performing primary health institute, into a trusted and regionally renowned medical provider (click to listen to her award acceptance speech).

Taijiang, a small county of 170 thousand total population located at the southeastern Guizhou province, used to be in the central government's work agenda of poverty alleviation. In 2016, with direct order from the government, SAHZU was paired up with the People's Hospital of Taijiang County to help improve its medical services. Ms. WANG Sihua, then Head Nurse of SAHZU Orthopedics, was appointed as the president of the county hospital. With the purest enthusiasm of a healthcare provider, Ms. WANG devoted all of herself to guarding people's health in the Guizhou mountains in the following 5 years (click to learn more about her work in Taijiang). 

"Currently, Taijiang Hospital is not only a place where patients can seek for help at their doors, it is also improving the level of medical services in that whole area." Ms. WANG is proud of her hospital when speaking to the receipt of the honor. "Being a medical provider requires us to be selfless. My initial goal when I arrived at Taijiang is to serve for the medical needs of Taijiang people and guard their health. I think I have achieved that goal." Ms. WANG said that the honor is a certificate as well as a stimulation. She will continue to work in the front-line of serving patients.

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