Chen Zhihua, Ph.D.

Department:Respiratory Medicine

Medical School:National Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry and College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou University, China.

Academic Rank: Professor, Resercher 


Clinical / Research Interests


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);

Environmental particulate matter and lung diseases;

Molecular mechanisms of airway epithelial injury and inflammation.

Professional Highlights

Natural Science Award of Zhejiang Province, First Prize, 2016

Young Investigator Award, Society for Free Radical Research of Japan, 2005

Professional Appointments

Executive Editor, Inflammation and Cell Singaling, 2019-present

Member, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Group, Chinese Medical  Association, 2018-present

Vice-chairman, Basic Research Working Group of Inhalers, 2016-present

Member, Asthma Working Group, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, 2016-present 

Member, Professional Committee of Respiratory Physiology, Chinese Physiological Society, 2016-present

Member, Asthma Group, Chinese Medical Association, 2014-2018

Education Experience

Research Summary

Dr. Chen contributed to the field of epithelial injury and inflammatory response in chronic airway inflammatory diseases such as COPD and asthma, opening up a whole new field of autophagy in respiratory diseases.

His goal is to elucidate the role and mechanism of MTOR and autophagy in modulating the airway epithelial cell injury and inflammatory response induced by PM, which provides a new idea and early research basis for the prevention and treatment of air pollution-related diseases.

He also studies the effect and mechanism of lipid metabolism disorder on the development of COPD in airway epithelial cells.


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Current Program

Airway epithelial injury and genomic instability induced by environmental particular matter. Funding Source: Project of Chinese National Programs for Fundamental Research and Development (973 Program, 2015CB553405).

A novel mouse model for COPD based on cigarette smoking-induced and elastin-mediated autoimmune response. Funding Source: General Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China (81670031).

Role of mTOR in cigarette smoking induced airway epithelial injury. Funding Source: General Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China (81370142).

Molecular Mechanisms of HDAC2 and Inflammasomes in Synergistic Regulation of Th17 and Neutrophilic Inflammation in Chronic Airway Diseases. Funding Source: Zhejiang Provincial Innovation Team of Respiratory Disease (2011R50016).

Role of autophagy in cigarette smoking induced airway inflammation. Funding Source: General Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China (31170859).

Interaction between Caveolin-1 and Nrf2 regulates acute lung injury. Funding Source: Distinguished Young Scientist Program, National Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang (R2110323).

Role of phosphotase SHP2 in airway remodeling of asthma and lung fibrosis. Funding Source: Project of Chinese National Programs for Fundamental Research and Development (973 Program, 2009CB522103).

Caveolin-1 interacts with ATG12-ATG5 system and supresses autophagy. Funding Source: New Teacher Project of Ministry of Education.

Role of autophagy in regulation of airway mucus production. Funding Source: Project of Zhejiang University Innovation Teams.

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