Dong Aiqiang, M.D.

Position:Chair of Cardiovascular Surgery

Department:Cardiovascular Surgery

Medical School:Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

Academic Rank:Chief Physician 


Clinical / Research Interests

Cardiac valve replacement and coronary artery bypass grafting operation; cardiac surgery via minimally invasive incision.

Professional Highlights

Zhejiang Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Second Prize, 2008

Zhejiang Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Third Prize, 2002

Zhejiang Medical and Health Science and Technology Innovation Award, First Prize, 2001

Professional Appointments

Vice Chairman, Zhejiang Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

Standing Committee Member, Chinese Committee of Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Surgery

Member, International Society of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Education Experience

Research Summary

Research of organ protection after deep hypothermic circulatory arrest.


Ai-Qiang Dong, Min-Jian Kong, Zhi-Yuan Ma, et al. Knock-down of the Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 Receptor Enhances the Chemosensitivity to Cisplatin in Human Lung Adenocarcinoma A549 Cells. Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica, 2008,40(6):497-504.

KONG Min-jian,DONG Ai-qiang,MA Zhi-yuan,et al. Effect of RNAi targeting IGF-ⅠR gene on biological behaviors and chemosensitivity of NSCLC A549 cells. Journal of Zhejiang University (Medical Sciences), 2008,37(4):373-380.

Ai-Qiang Dong, Min-Jian Kong, Zhi-Yuan Ma et al.Down-regulation of IGF1R using small, interfering, hairpin RNA (siRNA) inhibits growth of human lung cancer cell line A549 in vitro and in nude mice. Cell Biology International, 2007, 31(5):500-507. 

Ma Z, Dong A, Kong M, et al Silencing of the type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor increases the sensitivity to apoptosis and inhibits invasion in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells. Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters. 2007,12(4):556-72. 

Ma Z, Dong A, Fan J, Cheng H. Does sleeve lobectomy concomitant with or without pulmonary artery reconstruction (double sleeve) have favorable results for non-small cell lung cancer compared with pneumonectomy? A meta-analysis. European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery, 2007, 32(1):20-28. 

Jian-Fang QIAN, Ai-Qiang DONG, Min-Jian KONG, Zhi-Yuan MA, Jun-Qiang FAN, Guan-Yu JIANG. Suppression of IGF-IR Expression by Small Interfering RNA Inhibits A549 Human Lung Cancer Cell In Vitro Invasion and In Xenograft Nude Mice. Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica. 2007,39(2).

DONG Ai-qiang, KONG Min-jian, MA Zhi-yuan, et al. shRNA-mediated insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor gene silencing inhibits cell proliferation, induces cell apoptosis, and suppresses tumor growth in non-small cell lung cancer :in vitro and in vivo experiments. National Medical Journal of China, 2007, 87(21):1506-1509. 

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Xu Shiwei, Cheng Haifen, Chen Rukun, Chen Fang, Dong Aiqiang. Assessing the transvalvular gradient of a Chinese-made jiuling solid pyrolytic carbon bileaflet heart valve prosthesis. J BioMed Eng, 2004; 21 (2) :268~ 271. 

Ru-Kun Chen, Sai Zhang, Xiang-Dong You, Ai-Qiang Dong, et,al. Surgical treatment for Left Coronary Artery Originating from the Pulmonary Artery (3 cases). National Medical Journal of China, 2003,83(6):520-521. 

Xu Shiwei, Chen Fang, Chen Rukun, Dong Aiqiang. Observation of the antithrombotic property of a new prosthetic heart valve in sheep.2002,19(4):596-598.

Dong Aiqiang, Chen Ru-Kun, Zhang Chang-Ming, Animal Study of China-made Jiuling Solid Pyrolytic Carbon Bileaflet Prosthetic Heart Valve, Journal of Zhejiang University (Medical Science), 2000, 29(4): 162~164. 

Chen Ru-Kun, Dong Aiqiang, Xu Shi-Wei. Zhang Chang-Ming, Xu Pei-Hua, You Xiang-Dong, Cheng Hai-Feng. Clinical Application of China-made Jiuling Solid Pyrolytic Carbon Bileaflet Prosthetic Heart Valve. Natl Med J China, 2000, 80(9): 687~688. 

Dong Ai-Qiang, Chen Ru-Kun, Zhang Chang-Ming,et al. Experimental Study of China-made JiuLing Solid Pyrolytic Carbon Bileaflet Prosthetic Heart Valve In Sheep. Chinese J BioMed Eng, 2000,9 (1):18-25.

Current Program

The effect and mechanism of IGF-1 controlled by MiR-223 in cerebral protection during deep hypothermic circulatory arrest. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation (81601709).

The effect and mechanism of new type mTor inhibitory molecules Deptor in protection of Immature cardiomyocytes. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation (81770270).

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