Tao Sifeng, M.D., Ph.D.

Department:Breast Surgery

Medical School:Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

Academic Rank:Chief Physician


Clinical / Research Interests

Benign and malignant breast tumors

Professional Highlights

Member, Breast Cancer Specialized Committee, Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association

Professional Appointments

Education Experience

Research Summary


Tao Sifeng*, He Haifei, Chen Qiang. Quercetin inhibits proliferation and invasion acts by up-regulating miR-146a in human breast cancer cells. Mol Cell Biochem, 2015, 402(1-2): 93-100. 

Tao Sifeng*, He Haifei, Chen Qiang. Estradiol induces HOTAIR levels via GPER-mediated miR-148a inhibition in breast cancer. J Transl Med, 2015, 13: 131. 

Tao Sifeng*, He Haifei, Chen Qiang, Yue Wenjie. GPER mediated estradiol reduces miR-148a to promote HLA-G expression in breast cancer. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2014, 451(1):74-8. 

Shi Yulan, Wen Li, Zhou Yanyan, Tao Sifeng*. Thrombotic risk factors in patients undergoing chemotherapy via peripherally inserted central catheter. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL RESEARCH, 2014, 42(3):863-869.

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