Li Tianyuan, B.S.


Medical School:Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

Academic Rank:Associate Chief Pharmacist

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Li Tianyuan, Zhou Hongmin, Tong Dongmei. Study on the Quality of Some Indapamide Tablets [J]. Chin JMAP, 1999, 16 (1) : 66-67.

Li Tianyuan, Tong Dongmei, Zhou Hongmin, et al. Stability of Chlorinated Lime and Boric Acid Solution [J]. Chin JMAP, 1999, 16 (2) : 61-62.

Mou Lai, Li Tianyuan. Effect of Prednisone on the Pharmacokinetics of Aminophylline [J]. Chin JMAP, 1999, 16 (4) : 36-37.

Zhou Hongmin, Xu Donghang, Li Tianyuan, et al. Study on the Dissolution of Terfenadine Tablets [J]. China Pharmaceuticals, 1998, 7 (11) : 48.

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