Li Jun, M.D., Ph.D.

Position:Vice Chair of Colorectal Surgery

Department:Colorectal Surgery

Medical School:Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

Academic Rank:Chief Physician


Clinical / Research Interests

Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, rapid rehabilitation surgery and comprehensive treatment for colorectal neoplasms;

Colonoscopy and polypectomy under endoscopy;

Surgery for inflammatory bowel disease;

Breast conserving radical surgery and sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast neoplasms;

Common cancer counseling.

Professional Highlights

Second Place of Colorectal Surgery Video Competition, Rectal Cancer Group of Eastern China, Surgeon Branch of Chinese Medical Association, 2018

Professional Appointments

Member, Early Diagnosis and Treatment Group, Oncology Society, Chinese Medical Association, 2018-present

Youth Committee Member, Colorectal Cancer Committee, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, 2014-present

Youth Committee Member, Colorectal Cancer Committee, Chinese Medical Association, 2016-present

Member, Non-incision NOSES Surgery and MDT Special Committee, Chinese Medical Association, 2016-present

Vice-Chairman, Youth Committee of the Oncology Surgery Society, Zhejiang Medical Association, 2016-present

Secretary, Colorectal Cancer Committee, Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association, 2017-present

Acceptance Expert, Zhejiang Medical and Health Science and Technology Program, 2012-present

Expert, Zhejiang Minimally Invasive Technology Quality Control Center, 2017-present

Expert and Lecturer, Clinical Advanced Training Program for Minimally Invasive Surgery (CATP), 2012-present

Peer Reviewer, Chinese Journal of Colorectal Disease (Electronic Edition)

Peer Reviewer, European Journal of Pharmacology

Peer Reviewer, Oncology Letters

Peer Reviewer, Oncology Reports

Education Experience

Research Summary

Precise prediction of prognostic risk of colorectal cancer;

Molecular mechanism of targeted therapy of tumor vessels;

Molecular mechanism of rare colorectal cancer.


Xianhua Fu, Yin Duan, Hongdan Shen, Yong Zou, Chi Pan, Demin Lu, Jianjin Huang, Jun Li(*), Suzhan Zhang. Antineoplastic effects of Endostar combined with combretastatin A4 phosphate in vitro. Translational Cancer Research. 2018;7(3):578-586.

Xiangxing Kong(#), Jun Li(#), Yibo Cai, Yu Tian, Shengqiang Chi, Danyang Tong, Yeting Hu, Qi Yang, Jingsong Li, Graeme Poston, Ying Yuan, Kefeng Ding(*). A modified TNM staging system for non-metastatic colorectal cancer based on nomogram analysis of SEER database. BMC cancer. 2018;18(1):50.

Sheng-Qiang Chi(#), Yu Tian(#), Jun Li(#), Dan-yang Tong, Xiang-Xing Kong, Graeme Poston, Ke-Feng Ding, Jing-Song Li(*). Time-dependent and nonlinear effects of prognostic factors in nonmetastatic colorectal cancer. Cancer Medicine. 2017;6(8):1882-1892.

Ding Ke-Feng, Li Jun, Zhou Jiao-Jiao, Kong Xiang-Xing, He Jin-Jie, Yuan Ying, Yan Min, Chen Rong, Huang Xue-Feng, Chen Gang, Ying Xiao-Jiang, Dai Xiao-Yu, Li Gen-Hai, Zhang Su-Zhan, Zheng Shu. Fast track multidiscipline treatment versus conventional treatment for colorectal cancer: The results of a prospective randomized controlled study (FTMDT trial). Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2017, 35(4_suppl):743-743.

Ke-Feng Ding, Jun Li, Xiang-Xing Kong, Ke-Jun Tang, Di-Kai Bei, Ying Yuan, Su-Zhan Zhang, Shu Zheng. Verification of T-plus staging system for colorectal cancer based on nomogram analysis of single center’s 25-year follow-up. American Society of Clinical Oncology; 2016.

Jun Li(#), Cheng-Hao Yi(#), Ye-Ting Hu(#), Jin-Song Li, Ying Yuan, Su-Zhan Zhang, Shu Zheng, Ke-Feng Ding(*). TNM staging of colorectal cancer should be reconsidered according to weighting of the T stage: verification based on a 25-year follow-up. Medicine. 2016;95(6). 

Jun Li(#), Yue Liu(#), Jing?Hong Xu, Zheng?Ping Xu, Shu Zheng, Ke?Feng Ding(*). Expression of hepatocyte growth factor and c-Met is characteristic of α-fetoprotein-producing colorectal adenocarcinoma: A report of three cases. Oncology letters. 2016;11(1):731-734.

Jun Li, Yue Liu, Jian-Wei Wang, Yang Gao, Ye-Ting Hu, Jin-Jie He, Xiu-Yan Yu, Han-Guang Hu, Ying Yuan, Su-Zhan Zhang, Ke-Feng Ding(*). Oxaliplatin-based adjuvant chemotherapy without radiotherapy can improve the survival of locally-advanced rectal cancer. PLoS One. 2014;9(9):e107872. 

Jun Li, Bao-Cai Guo, Li-Rong Sun, Jian-Wei Wang, Xian-Hua Fu, Su-Zhan Zhang, Graeme Poston, Ke-Feng Ding(*). TNM staging of colorectal cancer should be reconsidered by T stage weighting. World Journal of Gastroenterology: WJG. 2014;20(17):5104.

Current Program

Research on the prognostic prediction system of non-metastatic colorectal cancer based on big data and machine learning. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China (8167 2916), 2017-2020.

Rac1/Cdc42 activation in the role of endostatin combined with CA4P in blocking tumor vascular networks. Funding Source: Youth Science Fund, National Natural Science Foundation of China (81301890), 2013-2016.

Anti-inflammatory mechanisms of resveratrol derivative GICM-398B and the role of intestinal inflammation-related colorectal cancer prevention. Funding Source: General Program, Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang (LY13H160010), 2013-2015. 

Molecular mechanisms of GICM-398B, a new derivative of resveratrol, against colorectal cancer. Funding Source: Zhejiang Excellent Youth Talent Fund for Traditional Chinese Medicine (ZQ017), 2012-2014.

ER-alpha36 in Reversing Tamoxifen Resistance in Breast Cancer. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China (81102012), 2012-2014.

CA4P chitosan microcapsule preparation and tumor vascular blockade research. Funding Source: Zhejiang Medical and Health Science Research Foundation (Y201023784), 2010-2013.

CA4P combined with endostatin in the treatment of drug-resistant osteosarcoma animal experiment. Funding Source: Ministry of Education Ph.D. New Teachers Fund Project (200803351102), 2009-2011.

The establishment and standardization of the comprehensive treatment model of accelerated rehabilitation surgery for colorectal cancer. Funding Source: Major scientific and technological projects and priority thematic projects in Zhejiang Province (2009 C13017), 2009-2015.

Genechip research on the effect of laparoscopic surgery on metastasis of rectal cancer. Funding Source: Scientific Research Project of Zhejiang Provincial Education Department (Y200906518), 2009-2011.

Clinical Study on the Feasibility of Laparoscopic-Assisted Radical Resection for Rectal Cancer. Funding Source: General Program, Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang (X206953), 2007-2008.

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