Cai Shanrong, Ph.D.

Department:Cancer Institute

Medical School:Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

Academic Rank:Associate Researcher

Clinical / Research Interests

Cancer prevention and oncology epidemiology, especially colorectal cancer screening and prevention.

Professional Highlights

State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Second Prize

Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Ministry of Education, First Prize

Zhejiang Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Second Prize

Professional Appointments

Member, Colorectal Cancer Professional Committee, China Anti-Cancer Association

Member, Epidemiology Professional Committee, Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association

Education Experience

Research Summary

The cost-effectiveness analysis of colorectal cancer screening in Chinese was analyzed based on various colorectal cancer screening scenarios, and large sample of natural  population studies will be studied in future on colorectal cancer screening.


Shan-Rong Cai, Yan-Qin Huang, Yun-feng Zhu, Yong-zhou Shen, Su-Zhan Zhang, Zheng Shu. The Effect of Long-term Administration of Korean Red Ginseng in Chinese of Colorectal Adenoma History: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Oncol Res. 2020; 1(1): oroa-2020-031006.

Shan-Rong Cai, Yan-Qin Huang, Su-Zhan Zhang, Qi-Rong Li, Xin Yuan Ma, Shu Zheng. Effects of subitems in the colorectal cancer screening protocol on the Chinese colorectal cancer screening program: An analysis based on natural community screening results. BMC Cancer. 2019; 19:47.

Cai SR, Zhang SZ, Zhu HH, Zheng S, et al. Cost-effectiveness between double and single fecal immunochemical tests in a Mass Colorectal Cancer Screening. Bio med international. 2016; Article ID 6830713, 9 pages

Cai Shanrong, zhu Honghong, et al. Gender disparities in dietary status and its risk factors in underserved populations. Public Health. 2012; 126:324-331.

Cai Shanrong, zhang Suzhang,Zheng Shu, etal. Performance of a Colorectal Cancer Screening Protocol in an Economically and Medically Underserved Population. Cancer Prev Res. 2011; 4:1572-1579.

Cai SR, Zhang SZ, Zhu HH, Zheng S. Barriers to colorectal cancer screening: A case-control study, World J Gastroenterol. 2009; 15(20): 2531-2536.

Chen XueLi, Xu CM, Cai ShanRong*, Chen CY, Zhang XianNing. Prenatal diagnosis of epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma caused by c.T470C (p.M157T) of the keratin 9 gene in a Chinese kindred. Prenat Diagn. 2009; 29(9): 911-3. (*co-first author)

Cai shanrong, Zhang suzhan, Zhengshu, clinincal feature of familial adenomas polyps in China and establishment of  its immortal lymphocyte. World Journal of Gastroenterology. 2007; (13)20:2858-2861.

Current Program

Research on identification and prevention of high risk groups of colorectal cancer (2016yfc1302803). Funding Source: National Key Research and Development Plan of Major Chronic Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Research.

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