Chen Xiao, M.D., Ph.D.


Medical School:Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

Academic Rank:Professor

Clinical / Research Interests

Tendon and ligament differentiation and regeneration biology;

Musculoskeletal tissue engineering;

Mesenchymal stem cells aging, differentiation and regeneration biology.

Professional Highlights

Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Academic Award, First Prize, 2019

Science and Technology Award of Biomaterials Society, Second Prize, 2019

Excellence in Cartilage Research, 15th International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society (ICRS) World Congress, 2019

National Natural Science Awards, Ministry of Education of China, Second Prize, 2014

Science and Technology Progress Awards, Ministry of Education of China, First Prize, 2012

Savio L-Y Woo Young Researcher Award, 10th International Symposium on Ligaments and Tendons (ISL&T-X), 2010

Young Investigator Award in the 13 the International Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Singapore, 2008

Professional Appointments

Chair, the 1st Symposium on Tendon/Ligament Regenerative Medicine, 2020

Standing Committee, the 2rd Committee of Basic Research Professional Committee of China, Société Internationale de Chirurgie Orthopédique et de Traumatologie (SICOT), 2019-Present

Committee Member, Sports Medicine Professional Committee, Chinese Research Hospital Association, 2019-Present

General Secretary, Youth Work group of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Sub-Association, Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, 2019-Present

Vice Chair, Program Committee, the 17th International Symposium on Ligaments & Tendons Conference, 2018

Deputy Group Leader, Youth Committee of Transformation and Innovation Group, the 11th Committee of Chinese Society of Orthopedics, 2017-Present

Deputy Group Leader, Basics Group, 11th Youth Committee of Chinese Society of Orthopedics, 2018-Present

Youth Committee Member, International Chinese Musculoskeletal Research Society, 2017-Present

Youth Committee Member, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Sub-Associations Council, Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, 2014-Present

Member, Stem Cells and Organ Transplantation Professional Committee, Chinese Society of Organ Transplantation Surgeons, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, 2017-Present

Editorial Board, the Annals of Translational Medicine, 2014-2017 

Education Experience

Research Summary

1. Found a new tendon differentiation model and recovered new mechanism of tendon differentiation: Prof. Chen's team was the first to report to induce the pluripotent stem cells into tenocytes, proved that embryonic cells are more suitable for tendon tissue engineering, established in vitro scaffold-free tendon tissue engineering model, and found that transcription factor and mechanical stress have synergetic function on tendon differentiation.

2. Fabricated functional tendon scaffold: Prof. Chens' team used knitted silk scaffold with proper mechanical strength and internal spaces for tissue growth. For this innovation, Prof. Chen was awarded the second prize of the Natural Science Award by the Ministry of Education of China.

3. Found a new NES+ tendon stem cells subpopulation.


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Current Program

Targeting delivery of rapamycin to injured collagen prevents the heterotopic ossification of tendon. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Basic research based on the biological effect bionic assembly composite tissue of new nanoclusters. Funding Source: Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China.

Three-dimensional microenvironment maintains TSPCs phenotype and tenogenesis through epigenetic regulation. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China.

In vitro automated, large-scale stem cell cultivation and expansion system. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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