Gong Wei, Ph.D.


Medical School:National University of Singapore, Singapore

Academic Rank:Professor

Clinical / Research Interests

Interdisciplinary researches and advanced technologies in neuroscience, including bioimaging, precise optogenetics and tissue clearing, and the applications in brain connectome and brain-machine interface

Professional Highlights

The 12th "Challenge Cup" College Students' Entrepreneurship Plan Competition, First Prize (instructor)

Excellent Paper Award of China Laser, China Laser Magazine

Outstanding Young People of Zhejiang Province

Professional Appointments

Committee Member, Biomedical Photonics Committee of Chinese Optical Society

Youth Committee Member, Biomedical Photonics Group, Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering

Committee Member, Psychology and Behavior Committee, Zhejiang Society of Neuroscience

Education Experience

Research Summary

(1) Tissue clearing and its applications in brain connectome:

Ultra-fast tissue clearing technology with full independent intellectual property rights is proposed. It is the first time to realize the generalization, simplification and high-speed of tissue clearing technology, which opens up a technical way for high-speed reconstruction of neural loop with submicron resolution. The related research results were published in PNAS (2019) and 2 patents were authorized. Besides, it was recommended as F1000 for "making a particularly important contribution to the field of optical removal".

(2) Advanced bioimaging systems:

Dr. Gong has developed ultra-deep penetration microscopic imaging systems based on local time domain structured light illumination. Without sacrificing imaging speed, the imaging performance of existing two-photon microscope and confocal microscope in deep brain tissue is greatly improved. The research results have been published in 7 ZJU top journals such as Optics Letters, Optics Express, applied optics, optics communications, etc. The project was awarded by Professor G. Ulrich Nienhaus, director of the super resolution research center of karlsruhr Institute of Technology (KIT), Professor Alberto Diaspro, chairman of Biological Physics Society of Europe and vice chairman of international optical Committee of Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), and Satoshi, chief scientist of Riken Institute, Japan Professor Kawata, one of the founders of adaptive optics imaging in biology, Professor Joel Kubby, former head of the Department of electronic engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz, etc., cited and commented positively. 

(3) Precise optogenetics:

Dr. Gong has developed a number of precise optogenetics technologies based on machine learning or adaptive optics. We have developed a deep penetration light transmission focusing technology and system with strong anti-interference ability, which provides a new way for non-invasive precise optogenetics regulation, and a new scheme for non-invasive brain computer interface technology based on light. The research results won the excellent paper award of China laser. Four authorized patents, together with 26 patents of other teams, were purchased by Zhejiang University Holding Group Co., Ltd. in a package, with a valuation of RMB 227.5 million, to develop the brain computer intelligence industry.


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Current Program

Non-invasive millimeter depth single cell scale precise light regulation technology. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Multi-mode high-speed regulation with deep penetration based on deep learning. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China.

3D high-resolution reconstruction of neural network based on ultra-fast optical clearing. Funding Source: Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang.

Magnetic compatible precise optogenetics for brain observation and brain computer integration. Funding Source: Zhejiang Lab.

Mechanism of large depth real-time high-resolution with two-photon imaging. Funding Source: Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang.

Development of deep brain stimulation and neural regulation instrument based on ultrasound. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Key Technologies of brain information cognition of brain computer fusion. Funding Source: National Key Research and Development Program of China.

Basic research on the mechanism and technology of nano resolution fast optical imaging. Funding Source: 973 Program.

Precise consciousness analysis and regulations based on light. Funding Source: The Central Military Commission Science and Technology Commission Frontier Innovation Program.

Circuit analysis and regulations of major brain diseases. Funding Source: Key Research and Development Plan of Zhejiang Province.

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