Gu Yan, Ph.D.


Medical School:Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

Academic Rank:Professor

Clinical / Research Interests

Application of neural stem cells for the functional recovery of brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases

Mechanisms of memory loss in neurodegenerative diseases

Professional Highlights

Professional Appointments

Review Editor, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2017-present 

Review Editor, Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, 2017-present

Education Experience

Research Summary

Hippocampus is one of the most important brain regions for learning and memory. Neural stem cells persist in the hippocampal dentate gyrus, and continuously generate new neurons throughout life. These new neurons integrate into the hippocampal neural circuit and play essential roles in hippocampal functions in learning and memory, mood regulation et al. Prof. Gu's research focuses on the regulating mechanisms of adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus, the functional contribution of adult-born neurons to memory coding in the hippocampal circuit, cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying memory and forgetting, and functional recovery of brain injuries using neural stem cells.  


Wang C#, Yue H#, Hu Z, Shen Y, Ma J, Li J, Wang XD, Wang L, Sun B, Shi P, Wang L*, Gu Y*. Microglia mediate forgetting via complement-dependent synaptic elimination. Science. 2020 Feb 7;367(6478):688-694.

Kang E, Song J, Lin Y, Park J, Lee JH, Hussani Q, Gu Y, Ge S, Li W, Hsu KS, Berninger B, Christian KM, Song H, Ming GL*. Interplay between a Mental Disorder Risk Gene and Developmental Polarity Switch of GABA Action Leads to Excitation-Inhibition Imbalance. Cell Rep. 2019 Aug 6;28(6):1419-1428.e3

Wang J, Shen J, Kirschen GW, Gu Y, Jessberger S, Ge S*. Lateral dispersion is required for circuit integration of newly generated dentate granule cells. Nat Commun. 2019 Jul 25;10(1):3324.

Wang L, Kloc M, Gu Y, Ge S, Maffei A*. Layer-specific experience-dependent rewiring of thalamocortical circuits. J Neurosci 2013, Feb 27; 33(9):4181-91. 

Gu Y, Arruda-Carvalho M, Wang J, Janoschka SR, Josselyn SA, Frankland PW, Ge S*. Optical controlling reveals time-dependent roles for adult-born dentate granule cells. Nature Neuroscience 2012, Dec; 15(12), 1700-1706.  

Kumamoto N#, Gu Y#, Wang J, Janoshka S, Takemaru K-I, Levine J, Ge S*. A role for primary cilia in glutamatergic synaptic integration of adult-born neurons. Nature Neuroscience 2012, Feb; 15(3), 399-405, S1. (# Equal contribution) 

Song J, Zhong C, Bonaguidi MA, Sun GJ, Hsu D, Gu Y, Meletis K, Huang ZJ, Ge S, Enikolopov G, Deisseroth K, Luscher B, Christian KM, Ming G-l, Song H* Neuronal circuitry mechanism regulating adult quiescent neural stem cell fate decision. Nature 2012, Sep; 489(7414), 150-154. 

Current Program

Regulation of adult neural stem cells and neurogenesis by Lin28. Funding Source: Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang.

Development and enrichment of optimal OPC for the transplantation for PWMI treatment. Funding Source: National Key Research and Development Program of China.

C1q-dependent complement pathway and microglia mediate memory impairment in Alzheimer's disease. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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