Yi Chenggang, Ph.D.

PositionChair of Plastic Surgery

Department:Plastic Surgery

Medical School:The Fourth Military Medical University, China

Academic Rank:Associate Professor, Deputy Chief Physician


Clinical / Research Interests

Dr. Yi focuses on basic research to promote clinical practice, the specialty medical characteristics of breast surgery, body sculpture and fat transplantation.

Professional Highlights

State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, First Prize, 2011

Military Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Second Prize, 2017

Military Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Second Prize, 2008

Professional Appointments

Vice Chairman, Youth Committee, Chinese Society of Plastic Surgery, Chinese Medical Association

Standing Committee and Secretary,  Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon Branch, Chinese Research Hospital Associatoin

Lifetime Member, Asia-Pacific Association of Medical Research 

Editorial Board Member, Plastic and Aesthetic Research

Reviewer, Lancet

Reviewer, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Education Experience

Visiting Plastic Surgeon, Harvard University, New York University, University of Pittsburgh, 2011-2012

Research Summary


Kai Wang, Ruonan Dong, Jiezhang Tang, Huichen Li, Juanli Dang, Zhaoxiang Zhang, Zhou Yu, Baolin Guo, and Chenggang Yi (corresponding author).Exosomes laden self-healing injectable hydrogel enhances diabetic wound healing via regulating macrophage polarization to accelerate angiogenesis[J].CHEM ENG J, 2021, accepted. (IF=13.273) 

Kai Wang,Xiangke Rong,Juanli Dang,Jizhong Yang,Hui Zheng,Mengmeng Hou,Huichen Li,Conghang Jiang,Shaoheng Xiong,Lihong Qiu,Zhou Yu,Chenggang Yi (corresponding author).Severe Vascular Complications Caused by Facial Autologous Fat Grafting: A Critical Review.Ann Plast Surg.2021,86: S208-S219.(IF=1.354)

Yang JZ, Qiu LH, Xiong SH, Dang JL, Rong XK, Hou MM, Wang K, Yu Z, Yi CG (corresponding author).Decellularized adipose matrix provides an inductive microenvironment for stem cells in tissue regeneration.World J Stem Cells.2020,26;12(7):585-603. (IF=3.231)

Wang T, Yu Z, Chen C, Song Y, Zeng X, Su Y, Yi C (co-corresponding author).Ureteral anastomosis with a polyimide stent in rat kidney transplantation.Ren Fail.2020 ,42(1):193-199. (IF=1.985)

Xiong S, Yi C (cocorresponding author), Pu LLQ.An Overview of Principles and New Techniques for Facial Fat Grafting.Clin Plast Surg.2020,47(1):7-17. (IF=1.959)

Yi C G , Guo S *.Facial transplantation: lessons so far.Lancet.2009,374(9685):177-8. (IF= 30.758)

Yi C G#, Yan H#, Xudong Z, Binglun L, Hui Z, Xianjie M, Li Y, Xing F, Yunjing L, Kaihua L, Huiyuan L, Yan Z, Guoyou Z, Shuzhong G *.Some issues in facial transplantation.Am J Transplant.2008, 8(10):2169-72. (IF=6.559)

Yi C G , Xia W, Zhang LX, Zhen Y, Shu MG, Han Y, Guo SZ *.VEGF gene therapy for the survival of transplanted fat tissue in nude mice.J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg.2007,60(3):272-8. (F=1.017)

Yi C G , Xia W, Zheng Y, Zhang L, Shu M, Liang J, Han Y, Guo S *.Transplantation of endothelial progenitor cells transferred by vascular endothelial growth factor gene for vascular regeneration of ischemic flaps.J Surg Res.2006,35(1):100-6. (IF=1.956)

Yi C G , Pan Y, Zhen Y, Zhang L, Zhang X, Shu M, Han Y, Guo S *.Enhancement of viability of fat grafts in nude mice by endothelial progenitor cells.Dermatol Surg.2006,32(12):1437-43. (IF=2.254)

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