Cai Yiting, Ph.D.

DepartmentReproductive Medicine

Medical SchoolHuazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Academic RankAssociate Chief Physician


Clinical / Research Interests

Infertility and assisted reproductive technologies

Professional Highlights

Professional Appointments

Education Experience

Ph.D. in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2012-2015

Seven-year combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program of Clinical Medicine, Wuhan University, 2005-2012

Research Summary


Cai YT, Xiong CL, Liu TS, Shen SL, Rao JP, Qiu F. Secretions released from mesenchymal stem cells improve spermatogenesis restoration of cytotoxic treatment with busulfan in azoospermia mice. Andrologia. 2021;53:e14144

Cai YT, Xiong CL, Shen SL, Rao JP, Liu TS, Qiu F. Mesenchymal stem cell‐secreted factors delayed spermatogenesis injuries induced by busulfan involving intercellular adhesion molecule regulation. Andrologia,2019, 51 (6), e13285

Cai YT, Liu TS, Fang F, Shen SL, Xiong CL. Involvement of ICAM-1 in impaired spermatogenesis after busulfan treatment in mice. Andrologia. 2016;48(1):37-44.

Cai YT, Liu TS, Fang F, Xiong CL, Shen SL. Comparisonsof mouse mesenchymal stem cells in primary adherent culture of compact bone fragments and whole bone marrow. Stem Cells Int. 2015;2015:708906

Cai Y,  Liu  T,  Li  H,  Xiong  C.  Meta-analysis  of  the  association  of  oestrogen receptor-beta  gene  RsaI  (G/A)  and  AluI  (A/G)  polymorphisms  with  male infertility.  Andrologia, 2015, 47(3):257-65.

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