Yu Shaojun, M.D.

DepartmentColorectal Surgery 

Medical SchoolShanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, China

Academic RankAssociate Chief Physician


Clinical / Research Interests

Minimally invasive surgical treatment of tumor

Tumor immunotherapy

Research and development of surgical instruments

Professional Highlights

Professional Appointments

Member, International NOSES Alliance

Member, NOSES Professional Committee, Colorectal Cancer Professional Committee, Chinese Medical Association

Secretary General, Zhejiang branch, China NOSES Alliance

Chairman, Youth Committee, Zhejiang branch of China NOSES Alliance

Member, Minimally Invasive Youth Committee, Zhejiang Medical Association

Education Experience

Research Summary


Shaojun Yu#, Da Wang, Yingkuan Shao, Teng Zhang, Haiting Xie, Xiaomeng Jiang, Qun Deng, Yurong Jiao, Jinhua Yang, Cheng Cai, Lifeng Sun, SP1-induced lncRNA TINCR overexpression contributes to colorectal cancer progression by sponging miR-7-5p,Aging, 2019-05-15, 11, 5, 1389-1403  (IF=5.94)

Jian Wang; Sana Sahengbieke; Xiaoping Xu; Lei Zhang; Xiaoming Xu; (#), Lifeng Sun; Qun Deng; Da Wang; Dong Chen; Yuan Pan; Zhaohui Liu; Shaojun Yu (*) Gene expression analyses identify a relationship between stanniocalcin 2 and the malignant behavior of colorectal cancer OncoTargets and Therapy 2018.10 7155~7168Volume 11 (IF=4.95)

Yu Shaojun (#); Xie Haiting; Zhang Jingjing; Wang Da; Song Yongmao; Zhang, Suzhan; Zheng Shu; Wang Jian MicroRNA-663 suppresses the proliferation and invasion of colorectal cancer cells by directly targeting FSCN1 Molecular 9707~9714 Medicine Reports 2017.12 16(6) (IF=2.622)

Wang Jianwei; Yu Shaojun (#) ; Cui Liming; Wang Wenhui; Li Jun; Wang Ke;, Lao Xinyuan Role of SMC1A overexpression as a predictor of poor prognosis inlate stage colorectal cancer BMC Cancer 2015.03.4 15 (IF=2.568)

Current Program

Identification of a new endoplasmic reticulum stress and mitochondrial related apoptosis shuttle molecule bBex1 protein in the process of acquired drug resistance of Bcr / ABL tumor cells. Funding Source: General project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (2011-2014)

Initiation and regulation of clonal proliferation of smc1a in colorectal liver metastasis. Funding Source: General project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No.:81272677, 2013-2017)


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