Zhang Baorong, M.D.

Position:Chair of Neurology


Medical School:Kiel University, Germany

Academic Rank:Professor, Chief Physician


Clinical / Research Interests

Genetics and mechanisms study, clinical trial research of neurodegenerative disease, especially on Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and Huntington's diseases.

Professional Highlights

Outstanding Dedication, International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society, 2017

"China Outstanding Neurologist" Academic Achievement Award, 2019

Professional Appointments

Executive Committee Member, International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Asian and Oceanian Section, 2013-2017

Treasure Officer, International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Asian and Oceanian Section, 2017-2019  

Standing Committee Member, Neurology Branch, Chinese Medical Association

President, Zhejiang Society of Neurology

Education Experience

Research Summary

Dr. Zhang's research centers around early diagnosis, molecular mechanism, and treatment of Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and Huntington's disease. He is also an expert in genetic counseling of inherited neurological disorders. He established iPSC models of Parkinson's disease and healthy controls to study phenotype-genotype associations. His research into the biomarker screening of Alzheimer's disease has significant implications for the early diagnosis and treatment of the disease.


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Current Program

The mechanism for Parkin mutation leads to the degeneration of dopaminergic neurons by combining the technologies of iPSCs and new gene editing tools. Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China.

The construction of the system of diagnosis and treatment of early Parkinson's Disease based on multi-modal imaging and nasal kinetic oscillation stimulate. Funding Source: The Key Research and Development Program of Zhejiang Province.

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