Chen Guoxian, M.S.

Position:Executive Vice Chair of Burns


Medical School:Fudan University, Shanghai Medical College, China

Academic Rank:Chief Physician


Clinical / Research Interests

Burns and scar, acute/chronic wound.

Professional Highlights

Zhejiang Provincial Health Award for Science and Technology Development, Third Prize

Professional Appointments

President, Zhejiang Society of Burn Surgery, 2014-2019

Member, Chinese Society of Burn Surgery, 2007-2016

Vice Chair, Zhejiang Society of Clinical Epidemiology and EBM, 2018-present

Member, Zhejiang Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, 2009-present

Member, Chinese Rehabilitation Society of Burns, 2014-present

Editorial Committee Member, Chinese Journal of Burns, 2017-present

Education Experience

Research Summary


Pan Xuanliang; Chen Guoxian; You Chuangang;etc. Severe phenol burn complicated with acute poisoning. Chinese J of Burns: 2020.36(08):746-747.

Pan X*, You C, Chen G, Shao H, Han C, Zhi L. Skin perfusion pressure for the prediction of wound healing in critical limb ischemia: a meta-analysis. Arch Med Sci. 2018 Apr;14(3):481-487.

Pan X, Chen G, Wu P, Han C*, Ho JK. Skin perfusion pressure as a predictor of ischemic wound healing potential (Review). Biomed Rep. 2018 Apr;8(4):330-334.

Hanlei Zhou; Huawei Shao; Jon Kee Ho; Xingang Wang; Chunmao Han; Chen Guoxian. Rare skin fistulas relating to ascending colonic carcinoma: an unusual.model of revelation.The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds 2018,17(1): 48-53.

Pan Xuangliang; Chen Guoxian; Shao Huawei. Severe burns complicated with acute noncalculous cholecystitis: two cases. Chinese J of Burns, 2017,33 (4):249-250.

Chen Guoxian; Shao Huawei, Pan Xuanliang .A randomized controlled trial to compare the effects of liquid vs powered rhGH in treating patients with severe burns. Biomedical Reports, 2016,4 (5): 551-556.

Chen Guoxian; Han Chunmao; You Xiaoen. Retrospective study of nutritional support in adult burn patients. Chinese J of Burns, 2008,24 (6): 424-427.

Chen Guoxian; Han Chunmao. Economic evaluation of early enteral nutritional support in severe burn patients. Chinese J of Clinical Nutr, 2006,14 (1): 7-10.

Chen Guoxian; Han Chunmao. The effects of rHGH on prognosis in severe burn patients. Chinese J of Burns, 2005,21 (5): 347-349.

Chen Guoxian; Zhang Pianhong ; Han Chunmao. The study of early enteral nutritional support in severe burn patients. J of Nutrition, 2005,27 (4): 342-346.

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