Chen Jingyu, M.D.

Position:Vice President of SAHZU, Chair of Lung Transplant

Department:Lung Transplant

Medical SchoolNanjing Medical University, China

Academic Rank:Professor, Chief Physician

Clinical / Research Interests

Dr. Chen specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases. He excels at lung transplantation, thoracoscopic surgery, radical resection of lung cancer, comprehensive treatment of lung cancer and application of ECMO.

Dr. Chen is a top expert of lung transplant in China. He has completed over 1200 lung transplant since his first operation in 2002. He has chaired lung transplant programs in multiple Chinese medical centers, which all have been conducting over 100 lung transplants each year. Thanks to Dr. Chen's great efforts, the fast track system of donor organ transportation in China was established.

In February 2020, Dr. Chen completed world's first double lung transplant on a Covid-19 patient. In April 2020, he was appointed as the director of the national lung transplant program for Covid-19 patients. In February 2021, Dr. Chen performed China's first double lung-liver transplant.

Dr. Chen has published 3 books and over 170 research articles, including 40 in SCI journals such as Cell.

Professional Highlights

Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Hubei Province, First Prize, 2021

Chinese Doctor Award, 2020

Huaxia Medical Technology Award, First Prize, 2020

Chinese Medical Technology Award, Third Prize, 2020

Golden Lancet, 2017

Compassionate Doctor of the Yangtze River Delta Region, 2017

Young and Middle-Aged Scholars with Outstanding Contributions, National Health Commission, 2017

The 12th Excellent Respiratory Doctor of China, 2017

Chinese Medical Technology Award, Second Prize, 2017

Chinese Medical Technology Award, Second Prize, 2011

National Advanced Worker, 2005

National May Day Labor Medal, 2004

Professional Appointments

Standing Committee Member, Organ Transplant Committee, Chinese Medical Doctor Association   

Vice Chairman, Working Committee of Organ Procurement and Allocation, Chinese Hospital Association   

Standing Committee Member, Director of Lung Transplant Division, Transplant Committee, Chinese Medical Association   

Member, Chinese Human Organ Donation and Transplant Committee

Executive Chair, Chinese Lung Transplant Alliance   

Director, Lung Transplant Data Administration, National Health Commission

Director, National Lung Transplant Quality Control Center

Education Experience

Visiting Professor of Lung Transplant, Duke University, 2010

Visiting Professor of Lung Transplant, Toronto University, 2004

Visiting Professor of Lung Transplant, Toronto University, 2000-2001

Advanced Training in Thoracic Surgery, Beijing University People's Hospital, 2000

Master Degree, Nanjing Medical University, 1997-1999

Bachelor Degree in Clinical Medicine, Suzhou University, 1980-1985

Research Summary


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