SAHZU is Recruiting Young Scholars from the World!


SAHZU is seeking for (Chinese or non-Chinese) young scholars from all over the world to engage in the medical development and innovation in China.

The Outstanding Young Scholar Funding Project (Overseas) is designed to encourage (Chinese or non-Chinese) young scholars of high performance in natural science, technology or engineering to conduct innovative research in one's own field of interest in China. By promoting the growth of young scientists, the project hopes to cultivate a group of academic talents with potential to lead the development of world technology.

Anyone who fit the criteria may have the opportunity to be granted with a research funding between 1 million to 3 million Chinese yuan in three years.


1. The applicant shall abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, have good scientific ethics, and be full of scientific spirit.

2. The applicant shall be born after January 1, 1982 (inclusive).

3. The applicant shall have attained a doctorate degree.

4. The applicant shall focus on the research of natural science, engineering, and technology, etc.

5. The applicant shall have been working formally as a teacher or scientific researcher in an oversea university, research institution, or R&D department of a company before April 15, 2022 for 36 consecutive months. This requirement may be appropriately relaxed if the applicant is exceptionally excellent and have attained a doctoral degree outside China.

6. The applicant shall present the potential of becoming an academic leader or outstanding talent in the field with remarkable achievements in scientific research or technology development that are recognized by peer experts.

7. The applicant shall have not been working in China full-time at the time of application or have worked in China after January 1, 2021. The applicant must resign from overseas work and work in China full-time for at least 3 years after being notified of the grant.


SAHZU will offer:

1. A formal employment contract of "New Hundred Talent" with dual positions as a teacher and researcher in Zhejiang University. The scholar thus could enter the track of long-term faculty in the university.

2. Qualification to recruit Ph.D. candidates (no less than 1 candidate every year in first three years on average); support to recruit post-Ph.D. candidate.

3. Competitive salaries, start grant, offices, teams and subsides to purchase houses.

4. Housing for transition, plus support for the application for a local housing at a preferential price according to relevant policies;

5. Assistance in spouse's work and family issues.

Applicants could send their resumes (including detailed personal information, education and work experience, academic achievements, research projects/articles/patents etc.) to If you pass the initial screening, we will contact you in about a week. 

Or, you can contact us for more information at +86-571-87784513, +86-571-87783914, or







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