Very Informative! 50 students graduated from SAHZU International Training Course

The closing ceremony of the International Wound Therapist Training Course is held last Wednesday on October 25, 2022. 


Student representatives from Turkey, Bangladesh, Lesotho and other countries spoke highly of the course's professionalism, pioneering spirit and practicality in their speeches at the ceremony.



This training course is co-initiated by HHRDC (Health Human Resources Development Center of National Health Commission of China) and SAHZU. 

The International Wound Therapist Training Course was launched online on the SAHZU Global Academy in March this year. The course finally received nearly 100 sign-ups from 12 countries of four continents.

After self-paced learning for more than half a year, about 50 trainees from Turkey, Philippines, Bangladesh, Kenya, Lesotho, Suriname and other countries successfully completed the course and were awarded the training certificate issued by HHRDC and SAHZU.


At the closing ceremony, Zhang Junhua, Director General of HHRDC, celebrated the closing of this training course.

He put an emphasis on the fact that the pandemic has stimulated changes in the form of international education, as well as that of communication between teachers, students and researchers. 

Therefore, this course is an important test of the "Internet+Health+Education" model. Not only providing a professional learning opportunity for medical professionals interested in wound care around the world, this online learning platform could also strengthen the medical exchanges between participants from different countries, with an aim to promote international cooperation in the healthcare field.

Director General Zhang also shared with student representatives that as a well-known medical institution and training base both in China and abroad, SAHZU has been favored by international doctors and medical students for its various productive training programs. Director General Zhang Junhua warmly welcomed the attendees of the ceremony, as well as their colleagues, to visit China and SAHZU after the pandemic.


Prof. HUANG Jian, Executive Vice President of SAHZU, regarded this online course as an exploration and an innovation under the hospital’s globalization strategy. To be an internationally recognized medical institution is not just about "we need the world", he said. "More importantly, we should be needed by the world.”

SAHZU is an international medical training base in China that has accommodated more than 200 doctors and nurses from over 20 countries. Prof. HHUANG Jian expressed his warmest congratulations to all the students on their completion of the course and welcomed them to visit SAHZU in the future.

In the end, the training certificates was awarded to the outstanding and brilliant student representatives by leaders from HHRDC and SAHZU.


Due to the high popularity of the International Wound Therapist Training Course based on the feedbacks collected from the students, another round of sign-up for the course will be opened soon.

"We need the world are we are needed by the world." With a constant pace to improve healthcare technologies, to expand international "circle of friends", and to align with international standards, SAHZU has been striving to achieve the globalization by transforming itself to an internationally recognized and branded hospital with distinctive clinical specialties.

Ms. ZHANG Yun, Acting Director of International Cooperation from HHRDC, Ms. YANG Mingli, Director of SAHZU International Affairs Office, Ms. Zhao Hua, Executive Vice Director of the SAHZU Nursing Department, and Ms. Sun Hongling, Chief Nurse of SAHZU are also present at the closing ceremony.

At present, another international course-- Therapeutic Application of Ultrasonography-- is available free of charge for a limited period on SAHZU Global Academy. The course introduces topics including CEUS for Characterization of Thyroid Nodules, CEUS for Cervical Lymph Node and CEUS for assessment of thermal ablation.

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Author:CHEN LU | Reviewer: YANG MINGLI | Editor: LI JING | Source: SAHZU INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS OFFICE | Date:2022-10-31 | Views: