National Demonstration for Cardiac Rehabilitation


SAHZU Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is recognized as the "Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Center" and the "National Demonstration of Cardiac Rehabilitation", becoming the fifth nationally accredited cardiovascular programs at SAHZU Heart Center, besides Heart Failure Center, Atrial Fibrillization Center, Hypertension Center and Chest Pain Center. The announcement was made at the Chinese Cardiovascular Health Conference on December 10, 2022.

Cardiologists, cardiac rehabilitation therapists, specialized nurses of cardiac rehabilitation, pharmacists, nutritionists and psychiatrists team up at SAHZU Cardiac Rehabilitation Center to provide consultations on rehabilitation evaluation and training, risk control, psychological condition, nutrition and lifestyle etc.

To function as the demonstration program, SAHZU will fully leverage its strength in cardiac rehabilitation to lead a systematic and standardized cardiac rehabilitation process with wider coverage, in collaboration with other local hospitals, to benefit more patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Author: LI JING | Reviewer: CHEN LU | Editor: LI JING | Source: SAHZU HEART CENTER | Date:2022-12-19 | Views: