A Different International Women’s day during International Medical Assistance

On March 8, four female members of the 28th Chinese medical team were featured on the front page of “Aujourd’hui, a leading newspaper in the African country of Mali where the medical team is providing their humanitarian services.


Dr. CHEN Congcong, a senior anesthesiologist from SAHZU, is one of the highlighted “super women”. As a member of the Chinese Society of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesiology, Dr. CHEN has abundant experience in anesthesia for surgery and critical care, especially cardiothoracic surgery and heart and lung transplantation. In Mali Hospital, there are many pediatric patients with esophageal stenosis who require careful monitoring and precise treatment. Chinese anesthesiologists like Dr. CHEN are considered as the bedrock and precious assets to the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the hospital.


                                                Dr. CHEN Congcong (woman in the middle)

The 28th Chinese medical team, an important part of Sino-Mali government collaboration consisting of senior doctors of different specialties from across Zhejiang province, arrived in Mali on April 13, 2022. During the past one year, the team, especially the four female members overcame various difficulties, while demonstrating rigor, delicacy, toughness and intelligence that belong to female. They played a very important role to the whole team in Mali where they have been dedicating themselves to relieving patients from pain and bringing hope.

On March 11, the four female members were invited to the "Chinese Culture Tasting" at the Chinese Embassy in Mali to celebrate the International Women's Day. As members of the Chinese medical team to Mali, they will continue to carry on with their perseverance, and keep moving forward to write a beautiful chapter for the medical assistance career.


Dr. CHEN Congcong (second from the left)

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