"Internet Plus" Brings SAHZU Nursing Service to Patient’s Doorstep

Mr. Xu, who is in his 30s and lives in Xiaoshan, has been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis for 20 years. It is an autoimmune neuromuscular disease that causes muscle weakness. As his condition progresses, Mr. Xu is now unable to turn over or change his position on bed on his own.

Earlier this year, a red and hard lump was found in his sacrococcygeal region, which slowly developed into a black necrotic tissue. In his case, pressure ulcer due to prolonged bed rest can cause serious necrosis of local tissues with bone deep wounds. But because Mr. Xu was confined to bed, it is not easy for his family to bring Mr. Xu to the hospital to see a doctor.

Fortunately, they learned about the home care nursing program offered by the SAHZU Internet Hospital which can send a specialist nurse to their home to provide dressing and wound care services. The family soon made an appointment.

XIA Jinping, a SAHZU specialist nurse of wound care, quickly arrived, managed Mr. Xu's wound and changed his wound dressing. After several home visits, Mr. Xu's pressure ulcer is no longer deteriorating and gradually getting better. Mr. Xu's family is much relieved.

In fact, many families are having the same difficulty of accessing to medical care. There are particular and urgent needs for home visit wound management among elder people with limited mobility.

In February 2019, SAHZU took the lead in launching online nursing consultation and home nursing service programs in Zhejiang province, as a response to the call of initiating the "Internet Plus" nursing by the Zhejiang provincial government.


36 SAHZU nursing specialties are now providing online consultation, including eye care, endoscopy care, geriatric care, mother and child care, wound/stoma/incontinence care, peritoneal dialysis care, oncology care, intravenous therapy care and diabetes care; and home care programs are now available in 16 specialists including PICC/TIAPs care, infected wound care, peritoneal dialysis, mother and child care, stoma care etc.

There are another 8 programs combining nursing specialists and physicians, focusing on chronic, complex, and difficult wound management, neurological disease care and rehabilitation, enteral nutrition, diabetes combined with other chronic diseases, abdominal dialysis care, and stoma care and treatment.

Up to now, SAHZU has served more than 57,000 online nursing consultation cases and more than 800 home care visits.


Author: LI JING | Reviewer: CHEN LU | Editor: LI JING | Source: SAHZU OFFICIAL WECHAT ACCOUNT | Date:2023-05-18 | Views: