Russian Delegation Visit SAHZU Lung Transplant Center


A delegation from E.Meshalkin National Medical Research Center of the Ministry of Health of Russia visited SAHZU from March 27 to March 30. 

Led by the General Director of E.Meshalkin National Medical Research Center Prof. Chernyavskiy Alexander, the delegation had a three-day clinical exchange with SAHZU Lung Transplant Center on surgery techniques and perioperative management of lung transplant patients.

Composed of surgical oncologists, cardiovascular surgeons and anesthesiologists, the delegation shadowed with SAHZU Vice President and Chair of SAHZU Lung Transplant Center Prof. CHEN Jingyu and observed five lung transplant surgeries within three days.

They also visited the intensive care unit and participated in the MDT clinic and patient ward round, and had a close look at the transplant workflow from clinic, surgery to ICU and inpatient room, with a special focus on the postoperative management of lung transplant patients.

During the visit, Prof. CHEN expressed her admiration for the Russian colleagues who traveled thousands of miles to SAHZU to learn lung transplantation techniques. He hoped that SAHZU’s lung transplantation experience could truly benefit Russian colleagues and patients.


Author: LI JING | Reviewer: CHEN LU | Editor: LI JING | Source: SAHZU INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS OFFICE | Date:2024-04-23 | Views: