Two Procedures Demonstrated at CSI Frankfurt 2024 by SAHZU Cardiologists


Invited by CSI Frankfurt 2024, the top academic event on interventional cardiology in the international community, SAHZU Chairman Prof. WANG Jian'an and his team demonstrated one transcatheter edge to edge mitral repair (TEER) and one Liwen Procedure on the conference. It highlights China innovation and solution in the field of structural heart disease interventional therapy and the panelists on the conference spoke highly of Prof. WANG and his team's performance.


In the TEER procedure, the patient was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, severe mitral regurgitation (MR4+, Carpentier type II) and enlarged left atrium. Considering the preoperative echo assessment result, the team decided to implant the DragonFly™ MitraClip in the A2/P2 position (puncture site height: 4.0cm).

TEE: Jet width: 1.0cm; A2/P2 leaflet length: 1.89/1.18cm; mitral valve area: 4.22cm²


During the procedure, under transesophageal ultrasound guidance, the clip was delivered to the left atrium, and after its adjusting the position, direction and path, it entered the left ventricle to capture the valve leaflets, and then the team released the clip after evaluating its position and effect. After release, there was no residual prolapse of the mitral valve, only trace regurgitation observed. The result was ideal, and the procedure was a complete success.

Author: SAHZU OFFICIAL WECHAT | Reviewer: LI JING | Editor: LI JING | Source: SAHZU OFFICIAL WECHAT | Date:2024-06-25 | Views: