The Department of Colorectal Surgery of SAHZU focuses on the surgical treatment for malignant colorectal tumor. It specializes in surgical management for refractory, complicated, severe, and recurrent colorectal cancer in patients of senior age or with underlying diseases.

The Department now has 27 surgeons, 20 of whom hold doctoral degree. Under the leadership of Dr. ZHENG Shu, Dr. ZHANG Suzhan and Dr. DING Kefeng, the Department spend great efforts on promoting the application of new techniques in colorectal surgery and standardized surgical procedure, including multidisciplinary team (MDT) and Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS). It organized and authored the Scheme of Early Diagnosis and Treatment for Colorectal Cancer Screening on behalf of the National Health Commission, the CSCO Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer, and the Consensus on Clinical Diagnosis, Treatment and Pedigree Management of Hereditary Colorectal Cancer in China.


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