The Cancer Institute has 3000 sq.-ft. of BSL2 space including the space for clean tissue culture. The space is equipped with all the necessary items to perform research in classic virology, basic immunology and advanced molecular biology/virology. Large equipments include: SELDI-TOF-MS, BD FACSAira flow cytometer, laser scanning confocal microscope Zeiss LSCM710, MALDI-TOF-MS, Q-TRAP mass spectrum, realtime PCR, DHPLC, freezers, refrigerators, C02-incubators, class II biosafety cabinets, PCR thermocyclers, ultracentrifuge, high speed centrifuge, microcentrifuges, electrophoreses equipment for protein and nucleic acid work, power supplies, spectrophotometer, ELISA reader, plate washer, microscopes and fluorescence microscopes.

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