The Department is blessed with a talented team geared towards clinical research excellence. We devote ourselves to lifelong basic and translational research. More than 100 research projects the Department has been conducting, including key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 863 projects, 973 projects, state technology supporting plan, etc., were funded by national and provincial government for a total nearly CNY 100 million.

As a renowned academic medical center, research is a major part of our work. We develop and test new cardiovascular disease treatments in order to make them available to our patients as soon as possible. Supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China, the Nature Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, the Science and Technology Projects of Zhejiang Province etc., many research, clinical trials and projects are currently underway. The prestige experimental technologies including whole genome sequencing, basic cellular research and multi-omics, electrophysiological studies, transgenic small animals to large animals, such as monkeys. The research scope range from mechanism of valular calcification, risk stratification for coronary heart diseases, mechanism of aortic abdominal aneurysm etc; all the way to the testing of new drugs and transplantation of bone marrow stem cells for patients after myocardial infarction. Right now, a major progress has been made in improving the survival of these patients and in part by increasing efficacy of bone marrow stem cells transplantation using physical and/or chemical pretreatment such as hypoxic preconditioning. And the results has been published in world renowned top Journal, Circulation Research, as cover paper.

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