Founded in 2010, the Clinical Research Center (CRC) is an open public platform for medical scientific research, providing scientific research space, experimental equipments and technical support for the basic researches of different teams hospital-wide, aiming at solving a variety of clinical issues. CRC contains the core facility and the small animal experiment facility, the total area of which is 4,000 square meters. The core facility consists of three molecular and cell biology experimental regions, including cell culture laboratories, pathology lab, flow cytometry and sorting lab and microscopy imaging lab. The core facility also provides the researchers in the hospital with more than 500 experimental instruments, such as a dual-monochromator, a multi-detection microplate reader (Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5), several real-time PCRsystems (ABI 7500FAST, ABI stepone plus, Rotor-Gene Q), an ultra-speed centrifuge (Beckman Optima L-80XP), an automatic blood cell analyzer (SIEMENS ADVIA 2120), etc. Currently, CRC has 17 full-time technical staffs, of which the doctor or master degree holders percentage has been reached 70%. 

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