12.jpgWe handle all emergent cases such as major trauma, cardiac arrest, poisoning and all kinds of complicated and critical illnesses. Except emergency care, training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation is conducted here which is offered to people related to medical services with special needs or victim of disasters. What’s more, we take the lead in operating the Emergency Air Medical Team in eastern China area.

Upon Arrival 

When you arrive at the Emergency, the triage nurse will check your vital signs and inquire about your medical history briefly to determine the severity of your condition.

Depending on the seriousness of your injury or illness, you will be taken to different care area. All the emergency care units are located on the 1st Floor of the Emergency Medicine Building. 


During Treatment 

Our physicians and nurses will examine you and suggest a treatment plan based on your condition. Lab tests and diagnostic procedures may be ordered to further help diagnose your condition.


After Treatment 

Depending on your specific medical condition, the Emergency Department physician will either discharge you and allow you to go home, or admit you to the hospital for further treatment.


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