Root canal treatment
Endodontic retreatment
Traumatic dental injuries
Vital pulp therapy
Tooth bleaching

Oral Surgery
Dental extraction
Dental trauma management

Pediatric Dentistry
Topical fluoride application
Dental sealants
Primary tooth extraction

Fixed partial denture (Bridge)
Removal partial denture
Complete denture
Dental veneer

Oral prophylaxis
Dental crown lengthening
Periodontal surgery

Operative Dentistry
Dental restorations
Dentin hypersensitivity
Inlay and onlay

Oral mucosal diseases
Mouth ulcerations
Oral lichen planus
Burning mouth syndrome

Dental braces 
Space maintainers 
Jaw repositioning appliances
Removable retainers

Non-surgical managements for temporomandibular disorders
Mouth opening restriction
Joint clicking
Aching facial pain
Teeth grinding in sleep
Locking of jaw joints

Dental implantology
Minimally invasive implantation
Computer aided surgical planning and surgeries
Implantation and restoration for single or multiple teeth
Full mouth dental implantation
Aesthetic implant restoration of anterior teeth
All on four dental implantation

Emergency dental care


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