General Practice and Health Management Center

Department of general practice has a strong interest in scientific research; all faculty members are actively engaged in the clinical tumor screening research, to expand the knowledge base of the specialty and to improve patient care in the future. The present research activities include clinical researches of metabolic diseases (e.g. fatty liver disease and type II diadetes mellitus), tumor screening (e.g. colon cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer) and management of common chronic diseases in community (e.g. HTN, COPD, CAD). 

It is also the national standard training base for GP resident, and a regional training base for GP trainers. The bilateral communication between SAHZU and CWRU in GP area began from 2012, which including training program for doctors in this department and other Chinese GPs.There are viariant ways of this communication, such as clinical communication by live and remote broadcast, publication of GP residents’ training manual, and some prospective cohort study in metabolic syndrome and colorectal cancer.

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