The services provided by the department include treatment of patients with glomerulonephritis, urinary tract infection, renal failure, tubulo-interstitial diseases and hereditary nephritis. We also offer management of patients with renal failure, toxicity and electro-acid-base imbalance using dialysis. The high standard of service has been maintained in all existing and new activities by offering a range of specialist services, such as nephrotic nutrition, peritoneal dialysis, diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy and urinary infection.

The Department provides clinical services for the following conditions:

Primary glomerular diseases

• Acute glomerulonephritis

• Chronic glomerulonephritis 

• Nephrotic syndrome

• Secondary glomerular diseases

• Lupus nephritis

• Diabetic nephropathy

• nephritis of Schonlein-Henoch purpura

• light chain disease

• tumor associated nephropathy

• gouty nephropathy

• HBV-associated nephropathy


Tubulointerstitial diseases

• acute interstitial nephritis

• chronic interstitial nephritis

• tubular acidosis

• Bartter syndrome ( hypokalemic nephropathy)


Urinary tract infection

• acute pyelonephritis

• chronic pyelonephritis

• cystitis

• urethritis


Renal failure

• Acute renal failure

• Chronic renal failure


Renal replacement therapy

• Hemodialysis

• Peritoneal dialysis

• Blood perfusion

• Plasma exchange


Surgery and biopsy

• Renal biopsy

• Arteriovenous fistulation

• Peritoneal dialysis catheterization

• Catheterization of femoral vein

• Temporary catheterization of internal jugular vein 

• Permanent catheterization of internal jugular vein


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