All dentists in the department are involved in clinical work, while some also have basic or clinical research interest. Many papers of high quality are published in international journals of dentistry or basic science which are cited by Science Citation Index.

We particularly specialize in treating complicated cases of periodontal disease, caries, pulpitis and periapical disease, oral mucosal diseases, and are the pioneer in using regenerative and aesthetic periodontal surgery, as well as root canal microscope in Zhejiang province. Minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of periodontal disease and endodontic lesion, periodontal esthetic surgery for the treatment of gingival recession as well as implantation for teeth loss are routinely carried out in our daily clinical work.

Periodontal disease
Academic leader: Professor Chen Lili, specializes in:
• Gingival bleeding
• Gingival hyperplasia
• Pregnancy gingivitis/Pregnancy gingival tumor
• Periodontitis associated with systemic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus, etc.
• Comprehensive therapy for Periodontitis
• Implantation for teeth loss by periodontal disease
• Peri-implantitis
Caries, pulpitis and periapical disease
• Mini-invasive procedure for the treatment of caries
• Pulpitis and periapical disease, especially root canal therapy and periapical surgery with operating microscopes  
• Restoration of abnormal or discolored teeth with aesthetic all-ceramic system
• Teeth trauma and dentine hypersensitivity
Oral mucosal diseases
• Recurrent aphthous ulcer
• Pemphigus
• Lichen planus
• precancerous lesion in oral mucosal 
• Oral manifestations of systemic diseases


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