The Department of TCM and Rehabilitation has 3 sub-specialty including Tradtional Chinese Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine and Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine

For over 50 years since its establishment, TCM has been employing its knowledge to help rescue emergency and critical patients and participate in MDT consultation for complicated cases. It makes great contributions to the treatment for complicated diseases in internal medicine, perioperative care, and treatment for critical patients by combining modern medicine and TCM theories. It is the teaching base for international medical students of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.

Rehabilitation Medicine

The Rehabilitation Medicine provides rehaibilitation therapies such as acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and traditional medical traumatology and orthopedics, etc. It now has 53 licensed beds, serving for about 50,000 patients annually. It has been the training base for rehabilitation residents and nurses both in traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine since 2011.  It now provides rehabilitation services for patients with craniocerebral injury, cerebral stroke, spinal cord injury, compound injuries, peripheral neuropathy, chronic pain in neck, shoulders, arm, back, hip, and legs, orthopedic injury, soft issue injuries, senile arthritis, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral and cervical discs, and ischemic and hypoxic diseases, etc., by using major rehablitation therapies in modern and traditional medicine, such as movement therapy, physiotherapy, therapy for speech impairment and swallowing disorder, usage of assistive products, acupuncture, massage, cupping, and herbs, etc.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine

Set up in 1966, the HBO Division is the first one in China to have a hyperbaric chamber large enough to contain 20 patients at one time which greatly help patients to relax when having therapy. Meanwhile, the chamber equipped with cardiac monitor ensures the safety of critical patients. 

About 15,000 patients visit HBO annually, looking for therapies for cerebral injuries, spinal cord injuries, cerebral stroke, drowning, coma, peripheral vascular neuropathy, CO poisoning, air embolism, acute traumatic ischemia, necrotizing soft tissue infection, osteomyelitis, skin transplantation, nerve deafness, etc. 

Currently, the HBO Division serves as the Zhejiang Provincial Quality Control Center for HBO, overseeing and guiding the practice of HBO for the entire province. It is also responsible for the training of doctors and nurses.

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