Breast Surgery is a newly founded department transformed from the Treatment and Diagnosis Center of Breast Tumor under the original Department of Surgical Oncology. The Department of Breast Surgery now has 68 beds and 30 physicians (90% have doctoral degree). Dr. CHEN Yiding serves as the Department Chair with Dr. DENG Yongchuan as the Honorary Chair.  

SAHZU has a long history and great reputation of managing breast diseases especially breast tumor. A goal of “building a modern and international specialty and setting up the most advanced treatment platform in China” has been established long ago. Breast surgeons focus on exploring novel therapies and sharpening minimally invasive surgical techniques by combining research and clinical work. With a philosophy of bringing “the minimal but the most effective therapy” to patients, general surgeons, oncologists, radiation therapists, radiologists, ultrasound doctors, pathologists, nuclear medicine technologist, lab doctors, researchers etc. are brought together to conduct early screening as well as standard and individualized comprehensive treatment of breast cancer. Annually about 900 breast cancer surgeries are performed at SAHZU, making it an influential center for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in eastern China area.


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