Since its inception in 1998, the Department of Urology has become one of the largest urological departments in Zhejiang Province. With a capacity of 88 beds, more than 5,000 operations are performed and over 6,000 patients are admitted here annually.

SAHZU urologists have special expertise in various complicated operations, including open surgeries such as radical nephrectomy and cystectomy. Additionally, the department performs endo-urological operations such as transuretheral enucleation of prostate with holmium laser, ureteroscopic lithotripsy with holmium laser, and minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotripsy. Laparoscopic operations, such as laparoscopic adrenectomy, radical nephrectomy and prostatectomy, have demonstrated good performance safety with satisfactory outcomes.

The Department now has 6 subspecialties, including minimally invasive surgery, endourology, uro-oncology, andrology, female urology and kidney transplantation.

We practice in a research-oriented environment and timelessly pursue improvement through careful analysis of own large-volume data. We are involved in many clinical trials to evaluate new approaches and novel compounds for treating kidney, bladder and prostate diseases.


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