Prof. CHEN Jingyu’s Lung Transplant MDT Clinic Opened in Binjiang Campus


Prof. CHEN Jingyu, an established and prominent lung transplant specialist in China and the world and the Vice President of SAHZU, has officially opened a Lung Transplant MDT Clinic in the International Medicine Department at SAHZU Binjiang Campus. SAHZU Chair of Comprehensive ICU Prof. HUANG Man will also participate in the clinical consultation.

The first patient was 58-year-old Mr. LUO, who has suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for more than three years. He was hospitalized many times and was receiving medical treatment, but his condition was not properly controlled. He scheduled the appointment immediately as soon as he discovered that Prof. CHEN is planning to launch a clinic at SAHZU. Prof. CHEN found that Mr. LUO's lung function was seriously compromised and that he may be a candidate for lung transplant after a thorough review of his medical history and results of past examinations and laboratory tests. Prof. CHEN addressed Mr. LUO's worries regarding the risks and advantages of the lung transplant and wrote him an admission letter. Mr. LUO considered himself fortunate to have a world-renowned lung transplant doctor "at his doorstep".

Patients who had previously received a lung transplant also attended the clinic on the first day for a follow-up consultation.

One of them is 68-year-old Mr. ZHU. He received a lung transplant in March of this year due to end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was discharged 11 days after surgery, setting a new record for the shortest hospital stay after lung transplant at SAHZU. At the end of the follow-up consultation, Mr. ZHU shook hands with Prof. CHEN out of gratitude after learning that his lung is functioning well based on his examination report.

The Department of Lung Transplant of SAHZU was officially established in June of this year with Prof. CHEN Jingyu as the chair and Prof. HUANG Man as the executive vice chair. Although it's a young department, it has completed the first combined liver-lung transplant in China, the first lung transplant for HINI-infected patients in the world, the first split and ectopic lobe transplant in the world, the first lung transplant at the time of secondary gastric folding in China, the first lung transplant at the time of coronary artery bypass surgery in China, the first lung transplant for children (4 years old) in Zhejiang Province, and other kinds of difficult lung transplants.

By providing services such as pre-operative consultation, evaluation and treatment as well as postoperative follow-ups, it is expected that the MDT Clinic can bring hope to patients with end-stage pulmonary diseases in need of lung transplant. In addition to Prof. CHEN Jingyu and Prof. HUANG Man, SAHZU also established an MDT expert panel for lung transplant, which includes professionals from respiratory medicine, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, radiology, hematology, rheumatology, nutrition, rehabilitation, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, pediatrics, and anesthesiology etc. Moreover, in order to cater to the needs of patients and to provide quality medical services, online international MDT discussions with international lung transplant specialists from Toronto University and Cleveland Clinic are possible too.



More information about the Lung Transplant MDT Clinic of Prof. CHEN Jingyu:

Time: every Thursday afternoon

Location: International Medicine Department, Binjiang Campus, SAHZU (Room 603, 6F, 1511 Jianghong Road, Hangzhou; Please take No. 20/21 elevator)

Appointment: Call 0571-89713988 (8:00-12:00, 13:30-17:00, Monday to Friday) or schedule an appointment online (see guidance)

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