85 Trainees from 12 Countries Join SAHZU Wound Therapist Course


85 trainees from 12 countries, including South Africa, Croatia, Turkey, and Philippines etc., participate in the wound therapist virtual course 图片1.png launched in March 2022 by SAHZU Global Academy 图片1.png.

The wound therapist course is totally 800 minutes long, covering over 40 different topics about wound and stoma management. Front-line knowledge and clinical experience about ostomy, wound treatment and nutrition therapy are also shared by SAHZU specialists of Burns, Colorectal Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Vascular Surgery, and Plastic Surgery in the course. To make it more interactive, the course is designed with quiz, assignment, seminar and other learning modules.


With aging population and increased surgical complexity, recent years have seen a continuously growing number of patients with chronic wounds. The specialist nurses of wound, stoma and incontinence at SAHZU have been highly recognized by patients and peers for their systemic and standardized wound management as well as their innovative approach to continuous wound stoma incontinence care. In December 2020, SAHZU was authorized by the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) to establish the SAHZU-EWMA International Wound Therapist School and offer wound management certification courses.


It is hoped that SAHZU's abundant clinical experience and efficient team work could add value to the course so it can be more beneficial to a wider group of nurses and doctors. And eventually, the knowledge delivered by SAHZU could help more and more people in need.

SAHZU Global Academy is an online learning platform established by SAHZU and Health Human Resources Development Center of the National Health Commission. The goal of the Academy is to offer learning opportunities to physicians, nurses, hospital administrations and other healthcare professionals from all over the world and share SAHZU experience. On-site clinical observation or exchange programs 图片1.png are open to all after the pandemic is at ease.  

Author: CHEN LU | Reviewer: LI JING | Editor: LI JING | Source: SAHZU INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS OFFICE | Date:2022-04-13 | Views: