The First SAHZU-HSPH Intensive Clinical Research Training Course Successfully Held


Thirty SAHZU physicians from twenty-five clinical departments, as well as students of the first intensive clinical research training course co-organized by SAHZU and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH), received their completion certificates from Prof. Albert Hofman, Chair of Department of Epidemiology of HSPH, and Prof. Lori Chibnik, Assistant Professor of Department of Epidemiology of HSPH, on July 2.

Prof. Hofman and Prof. Chibnik, along with Prof. Donald Halstead, lecturer on Epidemiology and Director of HSPH Writing Programs who taught online, are the course lecturers. Teaching assistants are Dr. YUAN Changzheng, a researcher at Zhejiang University School of Public Health and adjunct assistant professor of nutrition at HSPH, Dr. FAN Jiaqi and Dr. CHEN Yuwen, both of whom are SAHZU cardiologists enrolled in the master program in clinical epidemiology and clinical research of HSPH.  

The five-day course is structured around clinical epidemiology, biostatistics and scientific writing, with a focus on the principles and methods for quantitative clinical research and the demonstration of their applicability in research in clinical medicine and their relations with biomedical and public health research.

The course is a vital part of SAHZU-HSPH collaboration since 2021. In his remarks on the lauching ceremony of the course, SAHZU President Prof. WANG Weilin expressed his sincere hope that all SAHZU physicians could greatly benefit from this course and start off their journey to be a true physician-scientist. It is also expected that through this kind of on-site communication that potential collaborative research areas could be further identified between SAHZU and HSPH.

Author: LI JING | Reviewer: CHEN LU | Editor: LI JING | Source: INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS OFFICE | Date:2023-07-14 | Views: