SAHZU: Major Healthcare Provider for G20 Hangzhou Summit

After days of hard work, SAHZU completed its task perfectly of providing healthcare services for hundreds of attendees and staff of G20 Summit held in Hangzhou from Sep 4 to 5.

SAHZU was the only hospital providing healthcare services in the main meeting venue and participated every event during G20 Hangzhou Summit. 400 experts from both Jiefang and Riverside campuses stand by 24 hours at all G20 locations including meeting venues, hotels, and banquet halls.

We were also appointed as the designated healthcare provider for US presidential delegations. CAPTAIN Dennis Whitfield, physician to the president at White House, said after visiting SAHZU: “I have been to many hospitals in over 20 countries; this Hospital is the best prepared hospital.” At the end of G20 Summit, a gift was presented by White House in the name of Barack Obama to Dr Wang, the President of SAHZU, for our efforts in providing medical support to the US delegations.

SAHZU also host visitors from advance teams of other countries as well, for example Russia, France, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia. After visiting, visitors all gave positive comments on SAHZU’s preparation and medical strength.




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