Patient Story

Genius Translator's Vision Restored at SAHZU


A special patient arrived at SAHZU Eye Hospital on June 24, and had a new contact lens.

The patient is Mr. JIN Xiaoyu, the genius translator whose story swept the whole country five months ago and touched millions of Chinese readers. (Click to learn about his story)

Mr. JIN received a surgery to remove the crystalline lens from his right eye at age 6 due to an accident. Since then, he can barely see with his right eye and must rely on his left eye, the vision of which, however, keeps worsening in recent years because of his heavy translation work.

Vice Chair of SAHZU Eye Hospital Prof. XU Wen extended an invitation to Mr. JIN to offer help, which was quickly accepted.

Multiple eye examinations were done for Mr. JIN. After reviewing the results, Prof. XU said that normally eye doctors would suggest the intraocular lens (IOL) implantation for patients like Mr. JIN. But Mr. JIN's right eye turns outward because of long-term lack of use, the IOL implantation would pose a higher risk on him.

After communication with Mr. JIN himself, Prof. XU prescribed a single contact lens for him.    

"Mr. JIN is farsighted with +5.5 diopter in his injured eye, and nearsighted with -4.25 diopter in the other eye. If he wore glasses, he would expect a 9 diopter difference between his eyes, which is unbearable for the human eye." According to Dr. CHEN Binbin, Director of the Optometry Center.

SAHZU ophthalmologists then selected the rigid gas permeable lens for Mr. JIN.

The lens is highly oxygen-permeable and can help correct hyperopia. At the same time, tears between the surfaces of the contact lens and the cornea constitute a "tear lens" that can fill in the irregular area of corneal scar caused by trauma, making the corneal surface more regular, so as to correct irregular astigmatism and improve vision better. In addition, it can also gradually restore visual function of the right eye.


At 11 am same day, Mr. JIN received the contact lens tailored for him by SAHZU optometrists and tried it on.

"I feel foreign body in my eye." Mr. JIN said slowly. Prof. XU explained to him that he will gradually get used to the sensation and his right eye is beginning to function.

The visual acuity of Mr. JIN's right eye was immediately improved to 0.3 with the lens. Everyone at the site could tell that Mr. JIN was apparently happy about his restored eyesight.

Further eye procedures would be considered if Mr. JIN's vision keeps increasing and if the contact lens maintain helpful for his life and work. Prof. XU said.   

Author: LI JING | Reviewer: CHEN LU | Editor: LI JING | Source: SAHZU EYE HOSPITAL | Date:2022-06-28 | Views: