Thank you for choosing SAHZU!

All international patients can make an appointment with our clinical departments (except for the International Medicine Department).

Consultations are open for appointment 7 days prior to your intended visit (starting from 3 PM 7 days in advance). 

Please note:

1.  All international patients have to register at the service windows on SAHZU campuses and have a SAHZU medical record before making an appointment online or on the self-service kiosks.

2.  All patients are required to register their medical record with SAHZU with their real names. Please provide correct name (same as that on the passport) and passport number. Please make sure you can be reached by mobile phone number provided in case of any need.

3.  Patients will be asked to pay out of his/her pocket if having a general consultation with departments other than the International Medicine Department.

4.  This service is for non-urgent appointments only. If you have a medical emergency, please call 120.


You can make an appointment with SAHZU via following methods:

Method One: scan the QR code with Alipay and log in the mini-program of SAHZU Good Doctor. Link your SAHZU medical record number with the mini-program before making an appointment. Having a consultation registration for current day is also available on this min-program. After 4:30 PM, the next day consultation is available in the "Consultation registration" module.


Method Two: If you have a SAHZU Medical Card, you can make an appointment for future consultation or consultation registration for current day on the self-service kiosks at SAHZU campuses. After 4:30 PM, the next day consultation is available in the "Consultation registration" module.


Method Three: You can always make an appointment or register for same day consultation at the on-campuse service windows. Please bring your passport, medical card and any other necessary documents. 


1.  Every patient can only make two appointments each time. No more appointments can be made unless the pervious appointments have been checked in or cancelled.

2.  SAHZU doesn't bear the responsibility for failed consultation appointment due to incorrect patient information provided by the patient or the mini-program user or untimely appointment confirmation.



About appointment confirmation

If the registration fee has been paid online, please go straight to the department for the medical consultation with no appointment confirmation needed. If not, please confirm your appointment at the service window or self-service kiosks on SAHZU campuses after 4:30 PM one day before until 4:30 PM on the consultation day (break time: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM). Please bring your medical card and registration information on the phone with you when visiting the hospital.


About cancellation

1.  Appointment can be canceled on the mini-program before 7 AM on the consultation day or at the on-campus service windows after 7 AM until the consultation time on the consultation day.

2.  Patients who cancel appointments twice within 24 hours will be blacklisted and cannot make any appointment within 7 days Patients blacklisted three times will be declined to use the App, including the patient and the mini-program user.


About no-shows

Patients who don't show up at appointment time cannot make any appointment again within 7 days after (7*24 hours), the patient and the mini-program user included.


Medical services not available at SAHZU

1.  Infectious diseases

2.  Following services are not available to patients under age 14: pulmonary medicine, gastroenterology, hematology, endocrinology, nephrology, infectious diseases, medical oncology, surgical oncology, general surgery, urology, thoracic surgery, geriatrics, cardiovascular surgery, general practice, vascular surgery, rheumatology, radiation oncology, gynecology, intensive care unit, traditional Chinese medicine and international medicine department.