The Department of Medical Genetics/Rare Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center in Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SAHZU) was officially established on November 1, 2021 (formerly known as the Fifth Ward of Neurology, which was established on March 16, 2015). This is a unique clinical department providing standardized diagnosis and treatment of various genetic and rare diseases. Based on the Medical Genetics Laboratory/Neurological Research Center in SAHZU, it has established an excellent genetic testing system and molecular, cellular and protein function testing platform.

The Department of Medical Genetics has a team of high-quality medical talents, with 6 physicians on staff, all of whom are MDs, 3 of whom are also post-docs; 1 chief physician, 4 deputy chief physicians, and 1 attending physician; 1 doctoral supervisor and 2 master’s supervisors. All members have undertaken National Natural Science Foundation of China and published more than 200 SCI papers in international mainstream journals, such as Nature Genetics, Brain, Neurology, Movement Disorders. With a warm environment, careful examinations, precision treatment, and genial follow-up, Medical Genetics/Rare Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center will help you alleviate the disease, reduce disability, and return to society!

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