Under the influence of “Spreading Benevolence and Saving People”, the century old motto of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SAHZU), the Nursing Department always adheres to the core value of "the needs of patients and customers come first". It marches forward on its development track with a focus on fulfilling its mission of "improving nursing leadership and management, providing humanized care, developing evidence-based nursing, and strengthening cooperation with international institutes". As time goes by, the Department has cultivated a branded team of "excellent service, fine management, strong specialty, and outstanding research". Currently, 2,495 nurses are working at SAHZU with the nurse to bed ratio to be 0.78. 95.1% of SAHZU nurses have bachelor degree or above. 56nurses have master degree.9 are supervisors for master students and 1 supervisor for doctoral students.

As one of the first national demonstration hospitals with high-quality nursing ward, in order to provide the best service for patients, SAHZU nursing team emphasizes on the integration and accountability of care delivered by multiple teams in pre-hospital, in-hospital and post hospital processes. Patient safety is the core of its service. The three-level vertical management system is its approach. The Management by Objective is its method. The department adopts a series of standardization measures in clinical practice and implements quality control circle activities and PDCA projects in all nursing units to establish a standard quality and safety system and to improve the overall care quality. It took the lead in the country in conducting the pilot program of nursing position management. It established a hierarchical training and promotion system oriented by the nursing demand and centered on the job competency. It has 11 provincial training bases for specialized nurses and undertakes 7 national and 8 provincial continuing education projects. More than 400 students from 25 colleges and universities in 9 provinces come to SAHZU for clinical nursing training every year.

150 years ago, SAHZU had the first nursing school, the first obstetrics department, the first midwife in Zhejiang Province, and the first male nurse in China. It is SAHZU where nursing professionals are trained generation after generation. SAHZU nurses polish their skills in their day to day work until what’s ordinary turns into extraordinary. With this glowing history and rich heritage, future generations of SAHZU nurses could make firmer steps while having a clear vision for the path ahead.

Great achievements, including the many “Firsts”in history, such as the first burn ward, the first nursing research program, the first ICU in China, the first AHA training center chaired by the Ministry of Nursing and the first batch of high-quality nursing demonstration wards, and the honors, such as the "National Worker Pioneer", "National Civilization Post", "National Labor Day Pacesetters", "National Advanced Worker", and "National Women Red Flag Community", are all resulted from the efforts of several generations of SAHZU nurses.

Our nurses worked as volunteers at the first Chinese medical team in Africa. SAHZU nurses are always there to care and cure whenever we are needed. In that event of bus arson in 2014, our excellent nursing team managed to save all burned patients creating a miracle of zero death in this kind of severe massive burn accident.

We keep mission and responsibility firmly in our mind, so we actively respond to the call of helping the other hospitals by bringing technology to and demonstrating services for them. Nursing specialists were selected to work in dozens of countryside hospitals including Taijiang County People's Hospital, First Division Hospital of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Suichang County People's Hospital etc. as president or vice president of the hospital, or director of nursing department. In 2018, 46 remote education programs about nursing were organized. Totally 4,124 participants from 115 collaborative hospitals participated in these programs.750 nursing colleagues from more than 30 Chinese provinces and cities has visited and exchanged with our hospital.

We are faithful to our duties and always trying to do our best. We provided healthcare services for the G20 Hangzhou Summit in 2016 during which time we consulted 728 person-visits. The title of "Pioneer (Medical and Nursing)Worker in Zhejiang Province” was awarded to SAHZU to remember our contribution to the Summit.

SAHZU nurses extend their services to our communities as a way to worship the spirit of Nightingale and to build a "healthy China". We organize public medical education programs for community residents and school students.

SAHZU Nursing Department has become the first batch of key clinical specialties in China and the only key clinical specialty of nursing in Zhejiang province, and was funded CNY 8 million. The Nursing Department ranked the 10th in the list of National Scientific and Technological Influence in 2018. It has projected funded by the National Natural Science foundation and the National Health Commission Industry Foundation, and took the lead in drafting the National Standard of Emergency Triage. SAHZU nurses devote themselves to solving the problems they encounter in their work. For example, an "air suspension degradable transfer pad" was invented by SAHZU nurses to help transport critically ill patients.

In the survey conducted by the National Health Commission, patients' satisfaction of SAHZU’s nursing services and SAHZU nurses' satisfaction of their work ranked first in the Zhejiang Province and top in the country.

This enterprising team attaches much importance to international cooperation. As early as 2010, it started a training program for nursing students from Azusa Pacific University (APU) in the US with this year to be the 9th continuous year of the program. Since 2011, a total of 200 back bone nurses have been sent to study abroad. In addition, students from the Valparaiso School of Nursing in the United States and head nurses from the Grenoble University Hospital in France also came to our hospital for exchange.

The 2017 International Nursing Forum held by our hospital invited many nursing experts from the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan to talk about the future of nursing. Judith Shamian, the Chairman of the 27th International Nursing Association, is among the keynote speakers. In 2018, Jin Jingfen, the Director of SAHZU Nursing Department was invited to attend the 14th “Research Symposium—Bridging Transitions of Care” by Dr. Lesh, Dean of School of Nursing from APU, and delivered a keynote speech with the Dean of School of Nursing, San Francisco University
Over the past years, thanks to the support from hospital leadership, clinical departments, and the unremitting efforts of all SAHZU nurses, the Nursing Department of SAHZU has made remarkable progress, and will continue to improve its service and work more closely with its counterparts from home and abroad.

Honor and Awards in recent 5 years
2019: Excellence Award of Nursing Management Innovation Competition sponsored by Chinese Nursing Management Association
2019: Most Influential Case at Patient Safety Management Competition sponsored by Chinese Nursing Association
2018: National Women Red Flag Community
2018: First Group Prize in Zhejiang Nursing Skills Competition
2018: First Personal Prize of Zhejiang Nursing Skills Competition, the title of “Pacesetter of Zhejiang Nursing Skills”
2018: Top Group Prize and Top Personal Prize in National Emergency Nursing Skills Competition
2018: Model Case of National Medical Standards Implementation Competition, being the only unit from Zhejiang province that entered the final
2018: Excellence Award of Nursing Management Innovation Competition sponsored by Chinese Nursing Management Association
2017: Honorary Title of “National Youth Civilization”
2017: Second Prize of 5th National Quality Improvement Activity Competition
2016: Excellent Nurse of Zhejiang University 2016
2016: Pioneer Worker in Zhejiang province
2015: National Advanced Workers
2015: Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress in Zhejiang province
2015: Second Prize of Chinese Nursing Association Science and Technology Progress
2015: Emergency nursing team awarded the title of Excellent Services
2014: Person of the Year 2014 in Zhejiang Pride for You
2014: National Outstanding Science and Technology Workers


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