The Department of Nutrition at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SAHZU) has a rich history dating back to its inception in the 1950s. It officially attained departmental status in 1992, marking a significant milestone in its development.

    - In 1999, the department received official approval from the Zhejiang Provincial Health Department to establish the Zhejiang Clinical Nutrition Center

    - In 2010, the SAHZU Nutrition Support Team was established, comprising clinicians, nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists, which is dedicated to enhancing patient care efficiently by delivering nutrition interventions

    - In 2017, the department took a pioneering step by founding the Zhejiang Province (SAHZU) Clinical Nutrition Specialist Alliance, fostering collaboration and excellence in the field

    - In 2018, the Clinical Nutrition Management Committee was formed, further strengthening the department's role in clinical nutrition

    - In 2018, the department established the Zhejiang JiaSu Nutrition Science and Technology Promotion Center, enhancing its position as a leader in cutting-edge nutritional research and education

    - In 2020, the department achieved accreditation from the national authority as a certified institution for the evaluation of special dietary products

    - In 2021, the Multidisciplinary Weight Management Clinic was inaugurated

It is proud to announce that in 2023, the department was honored as one of the first nationwide “Demonstration Units for Clinical Nutrition Department Development”. These milestones reflect its enduring commitment to excellence in the field of clinical nutrition.

The department is currently recognized as the

    - Leading Expert Unit in the field of Nutritional Sciences in China

    - Vice-Chair Unit of both the Clinical Nutrition Branch and Diabetes Nutrition Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society

    - Executive President Unit of the Medical Nutrition Industry Branch of the National Association of the Health Industry and Enterprise Management

    - Vice-President Unit of the Nutrition and Food Safety Branch of the Chinese Society of Geriatrics

     - Vice-Chair Unit of the Weight Management Committee of the Chinese Nutrition and Health Food Association

    - Founding Chair Unit of the Physician Committee of Nutrition at the Zhejiang Medical Doctors Association

    - Chair Unit of the Tumor Nutrition and Therapy Branch of the Zhejiang Medical Association

    - Founding Chair Unit of the Community Nutrition Committee of the Zhejiang Nutrition Society

    - Founding Chair Unit of the Nutrition Branch of the Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medical Association

The department comprised of 18 dietitians, among them there are two with senior professional title, and all hold specialty certifications. Department members are actively engaged in a wide range of hospital nutrition services and research programs, including formulation of diet, nutrition education, monitoring and design of suitable nutrition interventions and feeding regimens for inpatients and outpatients, prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome, research and development of food for special medical purpose (FSMP). Some members have progressed to become leaders/ vice directors/ key members in a series of nutrition associations.

The department has actively engaged in and contributed to over 20 national and provincial research projects, including National Science and Technology Support Programs, National Health Industry Funds, National Natural Science Funds, Provincial Major Projects, and Independent Projects of Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Teams. The department has pioneered several innovative approaches in nutrition management including being the first in the province to focus on meal replacement-based weight management, introducing the novel concept of intermittent fasting model (5-25 intermittent fasting), designing weight gain programs for underweight individuals, etc. Other famous awards won by the department of nutrition, such as Medical and Health innovation award in Zhejiang province, have helped us focus on providing higher quality nutrition care.

Furthermore, the department has received accolades and recognition for its outstanding contributions. These include being designated as a Clinical Nutrition Demonstration Unit by the Chinese Nutrition Society, achieving the status of an Advanced Department in Nutrition Discipline Construction by the Chinese Doctor Association, and receiving esteemed awards such as the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards and the Provincial Medical and Health Science and Technology Innovation Awards.

Influential academic exchange platforms were established by the department, including the Qianjiang Clinical Nutrition Forum, Zhijiang Metabolic Syndrome Nutrition Forum, and the National Medical Nutrition Forum. Additionally, online educational resources through various platforms were offered.



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