The Department of Nutrition of SAHZU was established in the 1950s. In 1999, Zhejiang Clinical Nutrition Center was set up. In 2010, SAHZU Nutrition Support Team was built since when clinician, nurse, dietitian, and pharmacist work together to provide nutrition interventions with a goal to benefit patients.

Today, the staff is comprised of 15 dietitians. All dietitians hold specialty certifications, and 2 hold senior professional title. Department members are actively engaged in a wide range of nutrition services and research programs, including formulation of diet, nutrition education, monitoring and design of suitable nutrition interventions and feeding regimens for in-patients and out-patients, prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome, research and development of food for special medical purpose (FSMP). Some members have progressed to become leaders, vice directors and key members in a series of nutrition associations.

For years, the Department and its researchers have continued to undertake and participate in more than 20 research projects, such as national science and technology supporting project, national science fund, and major project of Zhejiang province. The Department has created and adopts several innovative medical nutrition techniques, including meal replacement strategy for weight management, 5-25 intermittent fasting model, treatment of emaciation, etc.

The Department is also horned with awards, such as the First National Top Ten Weight Management Clinic, and Medical and Health Innovation Award by Zhejiang Province which all encouraged us to focus on providing higher quality nutrition care.



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