As part of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, the Department of Nutrition strives to deliver high quality, efficient and patient-focused nutrition services as well as to promote the study and practice of clinical nutrition.

Nutrition Services Provided

The Department of Nutrition provides comprehensive nutrition services for both in-patients and out-patients in our hospital.
• Diagnosis and nutrition therapy of Overweight/Obesity, diabetes, hyperlipoidemia, and other nutrition-related diseases
• One-on-one out-patient nutrition counseling in specialty areas, including: management of nutrition-related diseases, oncology nutrition, pediatric nutrition, maternal nutrition, wellness nutrition
• Assessment of nutritional status and nutritional requirements
• Monitoring and design of suitable diet/feeding regimens to meet the needs of the diverse patient populations
• Enteral/parenteral nutrition support and home nutrition support
• Determine adaptive nutrition therapy in critically ill patients
• Patient nutrition education and professional staff education

Continuing Education

Education serves as an important part of the department’s work. Many future dietitians and other healthcare staffs have spent their formative years in continuing education programs set up by our department.
• The national continuing medical education program: The advancement in clinical nutrition diagnosis and therapy
• The clinical application of enteral nutrition support


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