The Department is a reference center for all kinds of pregnancy related medical issues throughout the entire country, including the treatment of rare conditions such as omphalocele and congential diaphragmatic hernia of which we have operated more than a hundred cases. We have developed a new patient-centered management system for pregestational, pre-, peri- and postnatal care and guidance. We offer a great variety of delivery related services, including Doula delivery, painless childbirth (a specialty of our hospital ), birth in water and other delivery methods. Our patients have the option to participate in several postnatal care programs, including neonatal swimming courses, breast care and breast feeding counseling as well as postpartum rehabilitation guidance. In order to be better prepared and informed about problems during pregnancy and how to deal with them in daily life situations, future mothers and fathers are all invited to join our pregnant women’s and nursery school which provides a variety of courses ranging from pregnancy related topics to parenting advisories for newborn children.

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