All members of the department are involved in clinical research, while some have a dedicated basic science interest. Besides, all of them have published extensively and hold the master or PhD degree.

The department leads in developing many complex disease treatments in Zhejiang Province, particularly in combined orthodontics and orthognathic surgery for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), combined orthodontic and periodontitis treatment, pre-treatment and post-treatment of distraction osteogenesis (DO), orthodontic treatment of tempromandibular joint disorder (TMD) and cleft palatal and lip in domestic.

The Department provides management for following conditions: 

Teeth restoration

• Veneer

• Inlay

• Onlay

• Crown

Missing dentition

• Removable partial denture

• Fixed partial denture 

• Prosthodontics

• Dental implants.

• Complete denture

Dental deformity

• Crowing

• Rotation

• Missing

• Space

• Open bite

• Deep overjet

• Deep overbite

Denal alveolar deformity

• Mandibular dental alveolar hyperplasia or hypoplasia

• Maxillary dental alveolar hyperplasia or hypoplasia

• Bimaxillary dental alveolar protrusion

• Smile gingiva

Facial deformity

• Mandible hyperplasia or hypoplasia

• Maxilla hyperplasia or hypoplasia

• Bimaxillary hyperplasia

• Facial asymmetric deformity

• Dento-alveolar and facial syndromes

Complex disease treatment

• Combined orthodontics and orthognathic surgery 

• Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) 

• Periodontitis

• Pre-treatment and post-treatment of distraction osteogenesis (DO)

• Tempromandibular joint disorder(TMD)

• Cleft palatal and lip

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