3.jpgRoutine pathological diagnosis

The cases we receive and examine are quite mixed in terms of tumours and non-neoplastic disease, and wide-ranging in terms of organ systems – they include bone and soft tissue, central and peripheral nervous system, lung, upper respiratory tract, oral cavity, salivary gland, esophagus, gastrointestinal tract, male and female urinary and genital tract, head and neck, skin, breast, thyroid and the endocrine system. We have the largest number of bone tumour cases and central nervous system tumours in Zhejiang Province. The total number of cases we process was more than 52,000 per year in 2015.

Frozen section diagnosis

We have a large modern frozen section laboratory within our surgical theatre complex, handling some 5000 cases a year. Two pathologists and one technician complete frozen diagnosis of 30 to 40 cases every day. The unit is equipped with a ThermoFish NX70 cryo-microtome. 


The department runs a service for routine clinical cytological diagnosis and cervical cytology for women health screening by Tripath Imaging and Thinprep technology.


The department provides more than 130 immunohistochemical antibodies detection for pathologists o make differential diagnosis of tumours  and  prognosis prediction. The number of immunostained slides was more than 30,000 in 2015.


Molecular laboratory

The department provides following detctions:HPV and EBV in situ hybridization,IgH and TCR gene rearrangemen,Her-2 gene amplification by FISH,Gastrointestinal stromal tumour c-kit gene (exon9,11,13,17) and PDGFRa (exon 12,18) mutation detection (gene  sequencing)

EGFR gene mutation detection (real-time PCR) is performed in Non-small cell lung cancer.K-ras/N-ras/B-raf gene mutation detections (real-time PCR) are performed in colorectal cancer.

Histochemical staining

The department provides following staining: PAS, PASM, AB/PAS, AB, Acid-fast staining, Reticular Fiber staining, Toluidine Blue, HP, Masson, V.G, PTAH, Giemsa, depigmenting stainin, Congo Red staining, Crystal Violet Staining, etc.

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