Basic medical research

Our team focuses on the pathogenesis of asthma, COPD and pulmonary infection, especially in animal models. Some progress has been made in this area, especially in asthma such as BCG vaccination in neonate mice which decreases the prevalence of asthma in adults. Some related papers were published in high-ranking academic journals such as Allergy in 2008.

Dr. Shen Huahao: Pathogenesis of asthma and treatment and prophylaxis of asthma 

Dr.  Li Wen: Pathogenesis of COPD and treatment and prophylaxis of COPD

Dr. Wang Kai: Pathogenesis of asthma and treatment and prophylaxis of asthma


Clinical research

The department is one of the first clinical pharmacological trial centers approved by the Ministry of Health and SDA. More than 30 drugs including antibiotics, antiasthmatic drugs and expectorants were investigated successfully and well received in the community. In addition, the department participates in 10 multicenter international clinical trials such as Symbicort Maintenance and Relieve Therapy (SMART). Furthermore, the department has devoted much time in establishing an integrated system in the treatment and prophylaxis of asthma and COPD on the community level.  This year we plan to perform an extensive epidemiological investigation on asthma and COPD to obtain first-hand data on disease prevalence, which will serve as the basis to design further intervention in high-risk population.

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