The Department is comprehensive in a way that not only most of the physicians working here have doctorates related to Geriatrics, but other SAHZU departments like the Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, General Surgery, Oncology are fully involved in the department’s healthcare services. The Department is capable of managing a variety of common and frequently-occurring diseases including hypertension, coronary disease, chronic heart failure, digestive system disorder, diabetes, interstitial lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease etc., and the rehabilitation after cerebrovascular stroke in particular. The Department is also experienced in and good at managing senior patients who have multiple diseases at the same time.

An advanced service mode is adopted by the Department which advocates the transformation from research findings to clinical services, integration of rehabilitation into treatment plan, and the combination of the prevention of foreseeable future diseases with the treatment of current diseases. In order to improve the efficacy of its treatment, the Department designs comprehensive and stratified treatment plans for elder patients based on their individual conditions. It uses MDT method to evaluate the elder patients’ body function, metal condition and social environment to formulate treatment scheme with an aim to preserve patients’ body function as well as to improve their life quality.

In recent years, to give back to its community, the Department is also actively putting its efforts into serving the community clinics, conducting on-site free consultations, and encouraging health education. It collaborates with community day care centers and nursery houses to improve their ability of serving the old age group by giving training courses on a regular basis.

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